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  • Tracking the associative boost in infancy. 

    Plunkett, K; Delle Luche, C; Hills, T; Floccia, C (United States, 2022-09-06)
    Do words that are both associatively and taxonomically related prime each other in the infant mental lexicon? We explore the impact of these semantic relations in the emerging lexicon. Using the head-turn preference ...
  • Parent-Child Joint Behaviors in Novel Object Play Create High-Quality Data for Word Learning. 

    Chen, C-H; Houston, DM; Yu, C (United States, 2021-09)
    This research takes a dyadic approach to study early word learning and focuses on toddlers' (N = 20, age: 17-23 months) information seeking and parents' information providing behaviors and the ways the two are coupled in ...
  • Predictors of emotional distress in uveal melanoma survivors: a systematic review. 

    Davies, C; Brown, SL; Fisher, P; Hope-Stone, L; Fisher, D; Morgan, A; Cherry, MG (England, 2022-08-08)
    Uveal melanoma (UM) survivors can experience significant emotional distress, although the factors underpinning this are poorly understood. Systematic reviews of distress in UM only include cross-sectional studies, thereby ...
  • Evaluating the GAD-2 to screen for post-stroke anxiety on an acute stroke unit 

    McCrory, M; Murphy, DF; Morris, RC; Noad, RF (Informa UK Limited, 2022-02-12)
    The Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale (HADS-A) is the only self-report screening test for anxiety validated in stroke patients. However, the HADS-A has limited clinical utility, due to its length of time to administer ...
  • Hidden disability: a study of the psychosocial impact of living with pituitary conditions. 

    Norman, A; Jackson, S; Ferrario, H; McBride, P (England, 2022-06-09)
    BACKGROUND: Pituitary patients often experience psychosocial symptoms associated with their condition. AIMS: To explore the condition management experiences of pituitary patients and their psychosocial symptoms and to ...
  • Citizen science in marine litter research: A review 

    Kawabe, LA; Ghilardi-Lopes, NP; Turra, A; Wyles, KJ (Elsevier BV, 2022-09)
    Citizen science (CS) can help to tackle the emerging and worldwide problem of marine litter (ML), from collecting data to engaging different stakeholders. We reviewed what and how the scientific literature is reporting ...
  • Tell me all about it: narrated memories are less emotional than imagined memories 

    Andrade, J; IJdema, T; Vadazs, N; May, J
    Background and Objectives: People often re-live memories by talking about them. Verbal thinking is usually less emotive than imagery-based thinking but it is not known if this finding generalises to recollection. We tested ...
  • Quantifying Sources of Variability in Infancy Research Using the Infant-Directed-Speech Preference 

    Frank, MC; Alcock, KJ; Arias-Trejo, N; Aschersleben, G; Baldwin, D; Barbu, S; Bergelson, E; Bergmann, C; Black, AK; Blything, R; Bohland, MP; Bolitho, P; Borovsky, A; Brady, SM; Braun, B; Brown, A; Byers-Heinlein, K; Campbell, LE; Cashon, C; Choi, M; Christodoulou, J; Cirelli, LK; Conte, S; Cordes, S; Cox, C; Cristia, A; Cusack, R; Davies, C; de Klerk, M; Delle Luche, C; de Ruiter, L; Dinakar, D; Dixon, KC; Durier, V; Durrant, S; Fennell, C; Ferguson, B; Ferry, A; Fikkert, P; Flanagan, T; Floccia, C; Foley, M; Fritzsche, T; Frost, RLA; Gampe, A; Gervain, J; Gonzalez-Gomez, N; Gupta, A; Hahn, LE; Hamlin, JK; Hannon, EE; Havron, N; Hay, J; Hernik, M; Hohle, B; Houston, DM; Howard, LH; Ishikawa, M; Itakura, S; Jackson, I; Jakobsen, KV; Jarto, M; Johnson, SP; Junge, C; Karadag, D; Kartushina, N; Kellier, DJ; Keren-Portnoy, T; Klassen, K; Kline, M; Ko, E-S; Kominsky, JF; Kosie, JE; Kragness, HE; Krieger, AAR; Krieger, F; Lany, J; Lazo, RJ; Lee, M; Leservoisier, C; Levelt, C; Lew-Williams, C; Lippold, M; Liszkowski, U; Liu, L; Luke, SG; Lundwall, RA; Cassia, VM; Mani, N; Marino, C; Martin, A; Mastroberardino, M; Mateu, V; Mayor, J; Menn, K; Michel, C; Moriguchi, Y; Morris, B; Nave, KM; Nazzi, T; Noble, C; Novack, MA; Olesen, NM; Orena, AJ; Ota, M; Panneton, R; Esfahani, SP; Paulus, M; Pletti, C; Polka, L; Potter, C; Rabagliati, H; Ramachandran, S; Rennels, JL; Reynolds, GD; Roth, KC; Rothwell, C; Rubez, D; Ryjova, Y; Saffran, J; Sato, A; Savelkouls, S; Schachner, A; Schafer, G; Schreiner, MS; Seidl, A; Shukla, M; Simpson, EA; National, LS; Skarabela, B; Soley, G; Sundara, M; Theakston, A; Thompson, A; Trainor, LJ; Trehub, SE; Troan, AS; Tsui, AS-M; Twomey, K; Von Holzen, K; Wang, Y; Waxman, S; Werker, JF; Wermelinger, S; Woolard, A; Yurovsky, D; Zahner, K; Zettersten, M; Soderstrom, M; Consortium, M (2020-03)
    The field of psychology has become increasingly concerned with issues related to 88 methodology and replicability. Infancy researchers face specific challenges related to 89 replicability: high-powered studies are difficult ...

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