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  • What determines the downstream evolution of turbidity currents 

    Heerema, C; Talling, P; Cartigny, M; Paull, C; Bailey, L; Simmons, S; Parson, D; Clare, M; Gwiazda, R; Lundsten, E; Anderson, K; Maier, K; Xu, J; Sumner, E; Rosenberger, K; Gales, J; McGann, M; Carter, L; Pope, E
  • Strategic Management in Improving Total Quality in Bahrain’s Public Sector 

    Alnoaimi, Abdulrahman M. (University of Plymouth, 2019)
    This study determined the strategic management in improving total quality in Bahrain’s public sector. More specifically, the concerns of this study were: 1) the demographic characteristics of the respondents in terms of ...
  • Improving Group Integrity of Tags in RFID Systems 

    Alkanhel, Reem (University of Plymouth, 2019)
    Checking the integrity of groups containing radio frequency identification (RFID) tagged objects or recovering the tag identifiers of missing objects is important in many activities. Several autonomous checking methods ...
  • Role of CD47 In Red Cell Apoptosis (Eryptosis) 

    Halawani, Ibrahim Faisal (University of Plymouth, 2019)
    CD47 is a 47-52 kDa membrane spanning glycoprotein, which has 5 known isoforms and is a member of the immunoglobulin superfamily (IgSF). It possesses a large extracellular N-terminal IgV like domain. CD47 acts as a ‘do ...
  • Biochemistry: Production of recombinant Rh blood group antigens for detection of alloimmunisation 

    Alkhanbashi, Mashael (University of Plymouth, 2019)
    Due to the importance of the antigen/ antibody reaction, all hospitals and blood banks worldwide rely on routine blood group phenotyping of samples. Using recombinant antigens removes the disadvantage of the current ...
  • Sonic Analysis for Machine Learning: Multi-Layer Perceptron Training using Spectrograms 

    Pearce-Davies, Samuel Louis (University of Plymouth, 2019)
    This thesis presents efforts to lay the foundations for an Artificial-Intelligence musical compositional system conceived on similar principles to DeepDream, a revolutionary computer vision process. This theoretical system ...
  • Obeticholic acid for the treatment of non-alcoholic steatohepatitis: interim analysis from a multicentre, randomised, placebo-controlled phase 3 trial 

    Younossi, ZM; Ratziu, V; Loomba, R; Rinella, M; Anstee, QM; Goodman, Z; Bedossa, P; Geier, A; Beckebaum, S; Newsome, PN; Sheridan, D; Sheikh, MY; Trotter, J; Knapple, W; Lawitz, E; Abdelmalek, MF; Kowdley, KV; Montano-Loza, AJ; Boursier, J; Mathurin, P; Bugianesi, E; Mazzella, G; Olveira, A; Cortez-Pinto, H; Graupera, I; Orr, D; Gluud, LL; Dufour, J-F; Shapiro, D; Campagna, J; Zaru, L; MacConell, L; Shringarpure, R; Harrison, S; Sanyal, AJ; Abdelmalek, M; Abrams, G; Aguilar, H; Ahmed, A; Aigner, E; Aithal, G; Ala, A; Alazawi, W; Albillos, A; Allison, M; Al-Shamma, S; Andrade, R; Andreone, P; Angelico, M; Ankoma-Sey, V; Anstee, Q; Anty, R; Araya, V; Arenas Ruiz, JI; Arkkila, P; Arora, M; Asselah, T; Au, J; Ayonrinde, O; Bailey, RJ; Balakrishnan, M; Bambha, K; Bansal, M; Barritt, S; Bate, J; Beato, J; Beckebaum, S; Behari, J; Bellot, P; Ben Ari, Z; Bennett, M; Berenguer, M; Beretta-Piccoli, BT; Berg, T; Bonacini, M; Bonet, L; Borg, B; Bourliere, M; Boursier, J; Bowman, W; Bradley, D; Brankovic, M; Braun, M; Bronowicki, J-P; Bruno, S; Bugianesi, E; Cai, C; Calleja Panero, JL; Carey, E; Carmiel, M; Carrión, JA; Cave, M; Chagas, C; Chami, T; Chang, A; Coates, A; Cobbold, J; Corey, K; Corless, L; Cortez-Pinto, H; Crespo, J; Cruz Pereira, O; de Ledinghen, V; deLemos, A; Diago, M; Dufour, J-F; Dugalic, P; Dunn, W; Elkhashab, M; Epstein, M; Escudero-Garcia, MD; Etzion, O; Evans, L; Falcone, R; Fernandez, C; Ferreira, J; Fink, S; Finnegan, K; Firpi-Morell, R; Floreani, A; Fontanges, T; Ford, R; Forrest, E; Fowell, A; Fracanzani, AL; Francque, S; Freilich, B; Frias, J; Fuchs, M; Fuentes, J; Galambos, M; Gallegos, J; Geerts, A; Geier, A; George, J; Ghali, M; Ghalib, R; Gholam, P; Gines, P; Gitlin, N; Gluud, LL; Goeser, T; Goff, J; Gordon, S; Gordon, F; Goria, O; Greer, S; Grigorian, A; Gronbaek, H; Guillaume, M; Gunaratnam, N; Halegoua-De Marzio, D; Hameed, B; Hametner, S; Hamilton, J; Harrison, S; Hartleb, M; Hassanein, T; Häussinger, D; Hellstern, P; Herring, R; Heurich, E; Hezode, C; Hinrichsen, H; Holland Fischer, P; Horsmans, Y; Huang, J; Jakiche, A; Jeffers, L; Jones, B; Jorge, R; Jorquera, F; Kahraman, A; Kaita, K; Karyotakis, N; Kayali, Z; Kechagias, S; Kepczyk, T; Khalili, M; Khallafi, H; Kluwe, J; Knapple, W; Kohli, A; Korenblat, K; Kowdley, K; Krag, A; Krause, R; Kremer, A; Krok, K; Krstic, M; Kugelmas, M; Kumar, S; Labarriere, D; Lai, M; Lampertico, P; Lawitz, E; Lee, A; Leroy, V; Lidofsky, S; Lim, TH; Lim, J; Lipkis, D; Little, E; Lonardo, A; Long, M; Loomba, R; Lurie, Y; Macedo, G; Makara, M; Maliakkal, B; Manns, M; Manousou, P; Mantry, P; Marchesini, G; Marinho, C; Marotta, P; Marschall, H-U; Mathurin, P; Mayo, M; Mazzella, G; McCullen, M; McLaughlin, W; Merriman, R; Modi, A; Molina, E; Montano-Loza, A; Monteverde, C; Moreea, S; Moreno, C; Morisco, F; Mubarak, A; Muellhaupt, B; Mukherjee, S; Müller, T; Nagorni, A; Naik, J; Neff, G; Nevah, M; Newsome, P; Nguyen-Khac, E; Noureddin, M; Oben, J; Olveira, A; Orlent, H; Orr, D; Orr, J; Ortiz-Lasanta, G; Ozenne, V; Pandya, P; Paredes, A; Park, J; Patel, J; Patel, K; Uta, M; Patton, H; Peck-Radosavljevic, M; Petta, S; Pianko, S; Piekarska, A; Pimstone, N; Pockros, P; Pol, S; Porayko, M; Poulos, J; Pound, D; Pouzar, J; Presa Ramos, J; Pyrsopoulos, N; Rafiq, N; Muller, K; Ramji, A; Ratziu, V; Ravinuthala, R; Reddy, C; Reddy K G, G; Reddy K R, KR; Regenstein, F; Reindollar, R; Riera, A; Rinella, M; Rivera Acosta, J; Robaeys, G; Roberts, S; Rodriguez-Perez, F; Romero-Gomez, M; Rubin, R; Rumi, M; Rushbrook, S; Rust, C; Ryan, M; Safadi, R; Said, A; Salminen, K; Samuel, D; Santoro, J; Sanyal, A; Sarkar, S; Schaeffer, C; Schattenberg, J; Schiefke, I; Schiff, E; Schmidt, W; Schneider, J; Schouten, J; Schultz, M; Sebastiani, G; Semela, D; Sepe, T; Sheikh, A; Sheikh, M; Sheridan, D; Sherman, K; Shibolet, O; Shiffman, M; Siddique, A; Sieberhagen, C; Sigal, S; Sikorska, K; Simon, K; Sinclair, M; Skoien, R; Solis, J; Sood, S; Souder, B; Spivey, J; Stal, P; Stinton, L; Strasser, S; Svorcan, P; Szabo, G; Talal, A; Tam, E; Tetri, B; Thuluvath, P; Tobias, H; Tomasiewicz, K; Torres, D; Trauner, M; Trautwein, C; Trotter, J; Tsochatzis, E; Unitt, E; Vargas, V; Varkonyi, I; Veitsman, E; Vespasiani Gentilucci, U; Victor, D; Vierling, J; Vincent, C; Vincze, A; von der Ohe, M; Von Roenn, N; Vuppalanchi, R; Waters, M; Watt, K; Weltman, M; Wieland, A; Wiener, G; Williams A, A; Williams J, J; Wilson, J; Yataco, M; Yoshida, E; Younes, Z; Yuan, L; Zivony, A; Zogg, D; Zoller, H; Zoulim, F; Zuckerman, E; Zuin, M (Elsevier BV, 2019-12)
  • The Other Critical Convoy Battles of 1943: The Eclipse of the Schnellboote in the English Channel and the North Sea 

    Bennett, G (University Press of KentuckyLexington, 2019-04-26)
    This volume highlights the scale and complexity of this bitterly contested campaign, one that encompassed far more than just attacks by German U-boats on Allied shipping.

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