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  • Dynamic accretion beneath a slow spreading ridge segment: IODP Hole U1743A & the Atlantis Bank Oceanic Core Complex 

    Dick, H. J. B.; MacLeod, C. J.; Blum, P.; Abe, N.; Blackman, D. K.; Bowles, J. A.; Cheadle, M. J.; Cho, K.; Ciążela, J.; Deans, J. R.; Edgcomb, V. P.; Ferrando, C.; France, L.; Ghosh, B.; Ildefonse, B.; Kendrick, M. A.; Koepke, J. H.; Leong, J. A. M.; Liu, C.; Ma, Q.; Morishita, T.; Morris, A.; Natland, J. H.; Nozaka, T.; Pluemper, O.; Sanfilippo, A.; Sylvan, J. B.; Tivey, M. A.; Tribuzio, R.; Viegas, L. G. F. (University of Plymouth, 2019-11-07)
    809-mbsf IODP Hole U1473A at Atlantis Bank, SWIR, is 2.2 km from 1508-m Hole 735B and 1.4 from 158-m Hole 1105A. With mapping, it provides the 1st 3-D view of the upper levels of a 660-km2 lower crustal batholith. It is ...
  • Flow of partially molten crust controlling construction, growth and collapse of the Variscan orogenic belt: 1 the geologic record of the French Massif Central 

    Vanderhaeghe, Olivier; Oscar, Laurent; Gardien, Véronique; Moyen, Jean-François; Gébelin, Aude; Chelle-Michou, Cyril; Couzinié, Simon; Villaros, Arnaud; Bellanger, Mathieu (University of Plymouth, 2020)
    We present here a tectonic-geodynamic model for the generation and flow of partially molten rocks and for magmatism during the Variscan orogenic evolution from the Silurian to the late Carboniferous based on a synthesis ...
  • The West Europe Pressure Anomaly: 1943-2018 

    Scott, Timothy; Masselink, Gerd; Castelle, B; Dodet, G (University of Plymouth, 2020-04-01)
    A pioneering and replicable method based on a 66-year numerical weather and wave hindcast is developed to optimize a climate index based on the sea level pressure (SLP) that best explains winter wave height variability ...
  • Infragravity wave generation on shore platforms: Bound long wave versus breakpoint forcing 

    Poate, Timothy G.; Masselink, Gerd; Austin, MJ; Inch, Kris; Dickson, M; McCall, Robert Timothy (University of Plymouth, 2020)
    Shore platforms are ubiquitous morphological features along rocky coastlines and display a spectrum of forms from gently-sloping to sub-horizontal with a low tide cliff. They generally front eroding coastal cliffs and ...
  • Analysis of direct and indirect genetic effects in fighting sea anemones 

    Lane, Sarah M; Wilson, Alastair J; Briffa, Mark (University of Plymouth, 2019-12-19)
    Theoretical models of animal contests such as the Hawk-Dove game predict that variation in fighting behavior will persist due to mixed evolutionarily stable strategies (ESS) under certain conditions. However, the genetic ...
  • What Can You See? Identifying Cues on Internal States from the Movements of Natural Social Interactions 

    Bartlett, Madeleine; Belpaeme, Tony; Thill, Serge; Lemaignan, Severin; Edmunds, Charlotte (University of Plymouth, 2019-06-26)
    In recent years, the field of Human-Robot Interaction (HRI) has seen an increasing demand for technologies that can recognize and adapt to human behaviors and internal states (e.g., emotions and intentions). Psychological ...
  • Situational Awareness: Examining Factors that Affect Cyber-Risks in the Maritime Sector 

    Tam, Kimberly; Jones, Kevin (University of Plymouth, 2019-09-21)
    Standard risk assessments are used to define and prioritize threats within a sector. However, the rising number of cybersecurity risks in maritime are often temperamental to a range of environmental, technical, and social ...
  • Cyber-SHIP: Developing Next Generation Maritime Cyber Research Capabilities 

    Tam, Kimberly; Jones, Kevin (University of Plymouth, 2019-10)
    As a growing global threat, cyber-attacks can cost millions of dollars or endanger national stability and human lives. While relatively well understood in most sectors, it is becoming clear that, although the maritime ...
  • A Cyber-Security Review of Emerging Technology in the Maritime Industry 

    Tam, Kimberly; Jones, Kevin (University of Plymouth, 2019-10-17)
    The maritime industry is a complex cornerstone of global transportation infrastructure. To ensure smooth, safe and timely operations, technologies have been created or adapted over time to aid the maritime sector. Agile ...
  • National climate-mitigation policy: the spatial framing of (in)justice claims 

    Bailey, Ian (University of Plymouth, 2019)
    This chapter examines how notions of justice are contested in national climate politics and the implications of competing conceptualizations of justice for progress in decarbonizing economies. The focus of investigation ...

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