Most Recent Additions*


Message Journal, Issue 5: COVID-19 SPECIAL ISSUE Capturing visual insights, thoughts and reflections on 2020/21 and beyond…
Sadia Abdisalam, James Alexander, Tom Ayling, Jessica Barness, Diana Bîrhală, Maria Borțoi, Bernard J. Canniffe, Patti Capaldi, Tânia A. Cardoso, Megan Culliford, Stephanie Cunningham, Meg Davies, Subir Dey, Matthew Frame, Aaron Ganci, Peter Gibbons, Sofia Gvozdeva, Elizabeth Herrmann, Chae Ho Lee, Alma Hoffmann, Hedzlynn Kamaruzzaman, Merle Karp, Holly K. Kaufman-Hill, John Kilburn, Joshua Korenblat, Warren Lehrer, Erica V.P. Lewis, Christine Lhowe, Xinyi Li, Kelly Salchow Macarthur, Shelly Mayers, Steven McCarthy, Bianca Milea, Sara Nesteruk, Cat Normoyle, Jessica Teague, Paul Nini, Emily Osborne, Sima Elizabeth Shefrin, Kyuha Shim, Angelica Sibrian, Gianni Sinni, Irene Sgarro, David Smart, Matt Soar, Junie Tang, Rebecca Tegtmeyer, Ane Thon Knutsen, Isobel Thomas, Darryl Westley, Lisa Winstanley, Danne Woo, Dave Wood, Helena Gregory, Colin Raeburn, and Jackie Malcolm


Message Journal, Issue 4: DESIGN POLITICS What are the politics of your design and what is the design of your politics?
Peter Jones, Camilla Afanador-Llach, Anne Berry, Sarah Rutherford, John Calvelli, Kristen Coogan, James Dyer, Cathy Gale, Anne M. Giangiulio, Elizabeth Herrmann, Chae Ho Lee, Gwen Lettis, Pamela Napier, Adam de Eyto, Muireann McMahon, Omari Souza, and Dave Wood


Discrete derived categories I: homomorphisms, autoequivalences and t-structures
Nathan Broomhead, David Pauksztello, and David Ploog


Ocular drift along the mental number line.
A Myachykov, R Ellis, A Cangelosi, and MH Fischer


What approaches to social prescribing work, for whom, and in what circumstances? A protocol for a realist review
Kerryn Husk, Kelly Blockley, Rebecca Lovell, Alison Bethel, Dan Bloomfield, Sara Warber, Mark Pearson, Iain Lang, Richard Byng, and Ruth Garside


World Class Sustainable Supply Chain Management: critical review and further research directions
R Dubey, A Gunasekaran, SJ Childe, T Papadopoulos, and Wamba S Fosso


Selective foraging behavior of seabirds in small‐scale slicks
Lilian Lieber, Cynthia Füchtencordsjürgen, Rebecca L. Hilder, Paula J. Revering, Ina Siekmann, Roland Langrock, and WAM Nimmo‐Smith


Coseismic Throw Variation Across Along-Strike Bends on Active Normal Faults: Implications for Displacement Versus Length Scaling of Earthquake Ruptures
Francesco Iezzi, Zoë Mildon, Walker J Faure, Gerald Roberts, Huw Goodall, Maxwell Wilkinson, and Jennifer Robertson


New insights into landslide processes around volcanic islands from Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) observations offshore Montserrat
S. F.L. Watt, M. Jutzeler, P. J. Talling, S. N. Carey, R. S.J. Sparks, M. Tucker, A. J. Stinton, J. K. Fisher, D Wall‐Palmer, V. Hühnerbach, and S. G. Moreton

*Updated as of 07/24/24.