World Class Sustainable Supply Chain Management: critical review and further research directions


Purpose-Sustainable Supply Chain Management (SSCM) has attracted considerable interest among academics and practitioners. The aim of our article is to present a critical review of the literature, to identify missing links, to argue for the use of world-class SSCM through a framework, and suggest further research directions. Design/methodology/approach-In our article we have undertaken an extensive review of literature and classified articles using a novel classification scheme. Findings-Through the extensive review and identification of research gaps, the paper (i) identifies significant differences between definitions and methodologies in the SSCM literature; and (ii) argues for “world-class SSCM (WCSSCM)”. This term is elaborated on via a theoretical framework in which eighteen dimensions are classified under six constructs of SSCM. Furthermore, a list of potential research directions for WCSSCM is discussed. Research limitations/implications- The research is an attempt to critically review literature, argue for WCSSCM, and develop a theoretical framework. Originality/value- The article offers a new approach to sustainable supply chain management literature, arguing for WCSSCM through a framework, and providing further research directions.



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International Journal of Logistics Management



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Plymouth Business School

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