Medical tourism is one of the significant industries that drives the economies countries and leads other domestic business sectors grow parallelly. Therefore, the purpose of this research is to identify the critical success factors for customer preferences in Thai medical tourism supply chain. Semi-structure interview was chosen to collect data from ten rich experienced practitioners from JCI accredited hospitals in Thailand. Researchers employed qualitative approach based on the interpretivism philosophy to gain current facts of customers’ preferences and insights from dynamic phenomenon within medical tourism industry. Researchers employed thematic analysis approach to classify the factors by adopting MAXQDA 2022. MAXQDA 2022 is selected as the efficient qualitative software to rigorously analyze and display the results. The finding from this research provides medical tourism policy makers and its stakeholders build their awareness of 10 critical success factors affecting the growth of Thai medical tourism industry and enable them to take potential actions in advance for potential medical tourists in the future.



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ICCMB 2022: 2022 5th International Conference on Computers in Management and Business (ICCMB)

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Plymouth Business School

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