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  • Off the Lip Conference - Transdisciplinary Approaches to Cognitive Innovation. Conference Proceedings 

    Denham, Sue; Punt, Michael; Doove, Edith; Blassnigg, Martha; Briazu, Raluca; Francis, Kathryn; Haines, Agi; Edmonds, Guy; Benjamin, Adam; Emmett, Mathew; Garrelfs, Iris; Germann, Christopher B.; Griffin, Joanna; Humphrey, Diane; Lucyk, Bryanna; Purchase, Christie; Sansone, Rachel; Baxter, Emily; Ione, Amy; Loesche, Frank; Jackson, Abigail; Kirke, Alexis; Miranda, Eduardo; Rendell, Luke; Ingram, Simon; Nakamura, Yutaka; Ryoo, Gi Taek; Stamboliev, Eugenia; Straeubig, Michael; Hsu, Chun-Wei; Oztop, Pinar; Taranu, Mihaela; Sarukkai, Sundar; Sweeting, James (Plymouth University, CogNovo and Transtechnology ResearchPlymouth, Devon, UK, 2016)
    The promise of cognitive innovation as a collaborative project in the sciences, arts and humanities is that we can approach creativity as a bootstrapping cognitive process in which the energies that shape the poem are ...

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