Significant learning occurs by health professionals during global health experiences overseas. However, volunteers struggle to recognise and use the new skills on return to the NHS. Through action research methodology, a team at the University of Plymouth designed, delivered, and evaluated a series of bespoke online workshops to support NHS professionals recognise and use their new skills on return. Dataset Description: This dataset consists of an Excel spreadsheet that collates anonymised qualitative and quantitative survey responses. The spreadsheet contains three tabs corresponding to three separate surveys: (1) Participant demographic information (2) Participant pre-workshop response data (3) Participant post-workshop response data Citation: Dillon, M. et al. (2024). A proposal to facilitate NHS personnel to recognise and use new learning gained on a global health experience, on their return to the NHS. Project Dataset. . PEARL Research Repository https://doi.org/10.24382/c65b-dj61



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Peninsula Medical School


Ethical leadership, Global engagement, Global health, Leadership development, Systems leadership, Transference of learning