The purpose of this study was to develop two different functional breads (Pita and Tandoori) supplemented with novel functional ingredients: waxy wheat flour (15%), inulin (8%) and guar gum (2%) independently and in combination. The breads were submitted to sensory characteristics, shelf life, glycaemic and satiety indices assessments. Both guar gum and inulin independently and in combination significantly (p < 0.05) decreased post-prandial blood glucose and glycemic response of Pita (GI of guar gum bread was 55%, inulin 57%) and Tandoori (GI of guar gum bread was 57% and inulin bread was 60%) compared to the control breads (GI 100%). Moreover, the results of the area under the curve of satiety showed that the addition of functional ingredients increased satiety levels as follows: for Pita, control was 355, a combination of all ingredients was 418, inulin was 451 and guar gum was 452; for Tandoori, control was 329, a combination of all ingredients was 420, inulin was 381 and guar gum was 390. The results showed that all sensory characteristics were improved, and breads were acceptable (all obtained more than five points) when the highest proportions of ingredients were added. Similarly, the shelf life of supplemented Pita and Tandoori breads was improved with the addition of ingredients. Therefore, the functional ingredients such as inulin and guar gum can be used independently and in combination to reduce GI and increase satiety of Pita and Tandoori bread with acceptable quality and shelf life.



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