Internet provides many services. VOIP (Voice over IP) is one such service also known as Internet Telephony or IP Telephony. Using VOIP we can make voice telephony calls, participate in video conferences, etc over data networks (WAN'S and LAN'S) or internet. VOIP operates by first converting voice data into digital form, organizing them into packets, transmitting them through the most convenient route to their destination and finally reassembling them at the destination. Protocols like SIP/RTP, H.323, MGCP are designed which perform all the above steps. This project aims to make a video call from a 3G Mobile to an IP phone via Asterisk Gateway. Asterisk to act as bridge for video call between 3G-IP network must capture the audio/video stream from 3G mobile, convert captured stream into an IP compatible stream and send stream to an IP client and vice-versa. Asterisk needs to support AMR codec for audio and MPEG-4 codec for video and H.324M protocol stack for capturing audio/video streams from 3G Mobile. Asterisk currently supports audio codec's like GSM, G.729, A-law, and U-law. It allows H.261, H.263 video streams as pass-through. It supports VOIP protocols like SIP/RTP, MGCP, and H.323 which allows it to interface with other devices. This project aims to implement AMR codec, H.324M protocol stack, MPEG-4, bridging functions between SIP/RTP-ISDN and 3G Mobile in Asterisk which allows a 3G phone to call a SIP client via Asterisk. This thesis discusses the implementation of AMR in asterisk as well as SIP protocol and SIP soft phones.

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