The dissertation presents the investigation and development of novel adaptive computational techniques that provide a high level of performance when searching complex high-dimensional design spaces characterised by heavy non-linear constraint requirements. The objective is to develop a set of adaptive search engines that will allow the successful negotiation of such spaces to provide the design engineer with feasible high performance solutions. Constraint optimisation currently presents a major problem to the engineering designer and many attempts to utilise adaptive search techniques whilst overcoming these problems are in evidence. The most widely used method (which is also the most general) is to incorporate the constraints in the objective function and then use methods for unconstrained search. The engineer must develop and adjust an appropriate penalty function. There is no general solution to this problem neither in classical numerical optimisation nor in evolutionary computation. Some recent theoretical evidence suggests that the problem can only be solved by incorporating a priori knowledge into the search engine. Therefore, it becomes obvious that there is a need to classify constrained optimisation problems according to the degree of available or utilised knowledge and to develop search techniques applicable at each stage. The contribution of this thesis is to provide such a view of constrained optimisation, starting from problems that handle the constraints on the representation level, going through problems that have explicitly defined constraints (i.e., an easily computed closed form like a solvable equation), and ending with heavily constrained problems with implicitly defined constraints (incorporated into a single simulation model). At each stage we develop applicable adaptive search techniques that optimally exploit the degree of available a priori knowledge thus providing excellent quality of results and high performance. The proposed techniques are tested using both well known test beds and real world engineering design problems provided by industry.

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