Like all sectors, there has been a rise in the integration of technology into everyday operations. This paper will argue that one of the main benefits of this integration is improved transparency of the cyber risk landscape. This transparency acts to enhance the cyber situational awareness of individuals, companies and regulators. This heightened awareness of the cyber risks the maritime sector faces will allow better-informed cyber governance mechanisms to be implemented at all levels of the maritime sector. These mechanisms will include company specific policies that are considerate of operational-specific risks and practices, as well as international level regulatory requirements, which cover high-level risks to the sector more broadly. To do this the paper will firstly explore what situational awareness is and how it is important to decision-making. The paper will then explore the role of technology in enhancing situational awareness. Finally, the paper will discuss how this heightened situational awareness can be utilized to develop cyber governance within the sector.

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School of Engineering, Computing and Mathematics


Cyber risk, Cyber security, Maritime, situational awareness