World Class Design by implication can best be achieved by adopting world class methods. ICED conferences continue to disseminate methodologies to help make designers and design teams more effective and efficient. At ICED 95 we introduced our PAKTS model (Figure 1.) which identified the total educational needs of young engineering designers [Robotham 1995]. The five key elements of the model are Processes, Attitudes, Knowledge, Tools and Skills. Of these elements, the least developed in terms of methodologies is that of “Attitude”. This paper will give further consideration to this element and identify the qualities that a designer must develop to be world class. These qualities would include: professionalism, ownership, responsibility, team player, discipline, tenacity, self-reliance, and self-learner. We would hope that this paper will form the basis of a “Design with Attitude” method, that would sit alongside all other world class methods, because we firmly believe that World Class Design cannot be achieved without the designer adopting a “Design with Attitude” approach.

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