Cloud gaming is a new way of online gaming, which renders the game data on the cloud side instead of the end user’s system and is forwarded via a high-speed network. In cloud gaming; game software and emulators run on the high-speed server of cloud and services available for users on the commercial and free basis. Users can use rendered data of game from the cloud using thin heterogeneous devices via the Internet to play the game anytime and anywhere. The popularity of cloud gaming has increased since the late 2000s which attract the industry and academia. Quality of experience (QoE) domain has been added in cloud gaming models to assess user satisfaction, enjoyment, and needs during online gaming. In this research paper; we survey and analyze the previous cloud gaming models and models and offer aspects of future development; which will help to give the quality of service (QoS) according to service level agreement (SLA) and increase user satisfaction level for cloud gaming, hence, improving the overall QoE.



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Multiagent and Grid Systems - An International Journal

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School of Engineering, Computing and Mathematics