In the post-Higgs discovery era, the primary goal of the Large Hadron collider is to discover new physics Beyond the Standard Model. One fundamental question is does new beyond the Standard Model composite dynamics provides the origin of the Higgs field and potential. After reviewing the main motivations to consider composite models based on a new strongly interacting sector, we summarise the efforts of the lattice community to investigate the viability of models featuring a composite Higgs sector. We argue that first principle calculations are necessary in view of the fast improvements in accuracy of experimental measurements in the Higgs sector. We stress the importance for lattice calculations to provide a testing benchmark for non perturbative mechanisms. It is highlighted that the rich phenomenology of non-abelian gauge theories aises a number of questions that can be explored using lattice calculations. First principle results therefore provide crucial insights in the theory landscape that could guide the next generation of Composite Higgs models.



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Proceedings of 37th International Symposium on Lattice Field Theory — PoS(LATTICE2019)

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School of Engineering, Computing and Mathematics