Surface plasmon resonance (SPR) is an established technique for label free sensing of bio-molecular species, including time-dependent reaction analysis. Unlike previous research by other workers, who have used gold or silver nanoparticles to enhance sensitivity by inducing LSPR, this study involves the theoretical development of a Localised SPR (LSPR) system where a glass prism is considered with multilayer films to enable the detection of metallic nanoparticles. Silver nanoparticles with a volume concentration 0.25 % can be clearly detected from both amplitude and phase, according to the results of these simulations. The model presented is rigorous in that it accounts for the effect of the Cr or Ti adhesion layers together with a graphene layer at the metal-sensing interface. This enables the direct detection of the presence of nanoparticles from their plasmonic amplitude and phase (self-sensing). Our model also demonstrates that the sensitivity of the sensors can be significantly improved with the introduction of graphene layers.

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Smart Nanosystems in Engineering and Medicine



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School of Engineering, Computing and Mathematics