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  • An approach to evaluating the user experience of serious games 

    Moizer, J; Lean, J; Dell’Aquila, E; Walsh, P; Keary, AA; O'Byrne, D; Di Ferdinando, A; Miglino, O; Friedrich, R; Asperges, R; Sica, LS (Elsevier, 2019-07)
  • Capital punishment, my sixth great grandfather, and me—an essay by J Robert Sneyd 

    Sneyd, JR (2019-04-11)
    After finding out about a distant forebear’s execution, J Robert Sneyd acted as an expert witness in a US court to try to prevent the use of a new drug for lethal injection, appalled that untrained government workers were ...
  • A Model for User-centric Information Security Risk Assessment and Response 

    Alohali, Manal (University of Plymouth, 2019)
    Managing and assessing information security risks in organizations is a well understood and accepted approach, with literature providing a vast array of proposed tools, methods and techniques. They are, however, tailored ...
  • Cooperative Swarm Optimisation of Unmanned Surface Vehicles 

    Singh, Yogang (University of Plymouth, 2019)
    With growing advances in technology and everyday dependence on oceans for resources, the role of unmanned surface vehicles (USVs) has increased many fold. Extensive operations of USVs having naval, civil and scientific ...
  • Methods of Usability Testing in the Development of eHealth Applications: A Scoping Review 

    Maramba, I; Chatterjee, A; Newman, C (Elsevier, 2019-06)
    Background The number of eHealth applications has exponentially increased in recent years, with over 325,000 health apps now available on all major app stores. This is in addition to other eHealth applications available ...
  • Music, Dance, and Harmonicas for People With COPD 

    Philip, KEJ; Akylbekov, A; Stambaeva, B; Sooronbaev, T; Jones, R (Daedalus Enterprises Inc, 2019-03-01)
  • Genome-wide association study of borderline personality disorder reveals genetic overlap with bipolar disorder, major depression and schizophrenia 

    Witt, SH; Streit, F; Jungkunz, M; Frank, J; Awasthi, S; Reinbold, CS; Treutlein, J; Degenhardt, F; Forstner, AJ; Heilmann-Heimbach, S; Dietl, L; Schwarze, CE; Schendel, D; Strohmaier, J; Abdellaoui, A; Adolfsson, R; Air, TM; Akil, H; Alda, M; Alliey-Rodriguez, N; Andreassen, OA; Babadjanova, G; Bass, NJ; Bauer, M; Baune, BT; Bellivier, F; Bergen, S; Bethell, A; Biernacka, JM; Blackwood, DHR; Boks, MP; Boomsma, DI; Børglum, AD; Borrmann-Hassenbach, M; Brennan, P; Budde, M; Buttenschøn, HN; Byrne, EM; Cervantes, P; Clarke, T-K; Craddock, N; Cruceanu, C; Curtis, D; Czerski, PM; Dannlowski, U; Davis, T; de Geus, EJC; Di Florio, A; Djurovic, S; Domenici, E; Edenberg, HJ; Etain, B; Fischer, SB; Forty, L; Fraser, C; Frye, MA; Fullerton, JM; Gade, K; Gershon, ES; Giegling, I; Gordon, SD; Gordon-Smith, K; Grabe, HJ; Green, EK; Greenwood, TA; Grigoroiu-Serbanescu, M; Guzman-Parra, J; Hall, LS; Hamshere, M; Hauser, J; Hautzinger, M; Heilbronner, U; Herms, S; Hitturlingappa, S; Hoffmann, P; Holmans, P; Hottenga, J-J; Jamain, S; Jones, I; Jones, LA; Juréus, A; Kahn, RS; Kammerer-Ciernioch, J; Kirov, G; Kittel-Schneider, S; Kloiber, S; Knott, SV; Kogevinas, M; Landén, M; Leber, M; Leboyer, M; Li, QS; Lissowska, J; Lucae, S; Martin, NG; Mayoral-Cleries, F; McElroy, SL; McIntosh, AM; McKay, JD; McQuillin, A; Medland, SE; Middeldorp, CM; Milaneschi, Y; Mitchell, PB; Montgomery, GW; Morken, G; Mors, O; Mühleisen, TW; Müller-Myhsok, B; Myers, RM; Nievergelt, CM; Nurnberger, JI; O'Donovan, MC; Loohuis, LMO; Ophoff, R; Oruc, L; Owen, MJ; Paciga, SA; Penninx, BWJH; Perry, A; Pfennig, A; Potash, JB; Preisig, M; Reif, A; Rivas, F; Rouleau, GA; Schofield, PR; Schulze, TG; Schwarz, M; Scott, L; Sinnamon, GCB; Stahl, EA; Strauss, J; Turecki, G; Van der Auwera, S; Vedder, H; Vincent, JB; Willemsen, G; Witt, CC; Wray, NR; Xi, HS; Tadic, A; Dahmen, N; Schott, BH; Cichon, S; Nöthen, MM; Ripke, S; Mobascher, A; Rujescu, D; Lieb, K; Roepke, S; Schmahl, C; Bohus, M; Rietschel, M (Springer Nature [academic journals on], 2017-06-20)

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