Katja Boehm


From April 2001 until September 2005 1 worked as a Pilkington research fellow at the Department of Complementary Medicine, University of Exeter, which in 2002 was integrated as a unit of the Peninsula Medical School. All the publications presented here have been carried out during my time of employment in this post at the Complementary Medicine Unit of the Peninsula Medical School in Exeter, United Kingdom. During the first few months of my research post in 2001 1 recognized the importance of the Internet as a tool to obtain healthcare information. Under the supervision of Professor Edzard Ernst, director of CAM, I carried out five Internet surveys, of which I collected and summarized the data and drafted the first version of the manuscripts, which were then finalized by Professor Ernst's comments: * Health risks over the Internet: advice offered by'medical herbalists' to a pregnant woman. * Reflexologists' responses to a patient with abdominal pain -a survey on Internet advice. * Internet advice by acupuncturists -a risk factor for cardiovascular patients? * Are asthma sufferers at risk when consulting chiropractors over the Internet? * Aspects of MMR / MMR vaccination advice over the Internet.

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