Simon Bréus


This thesis aims to assess whether Hall et al.’s Circuit of Culture theory and pattern are applicable to a cultural object such as a literary trail based on a comic book. The case under study is a literary trail inspired by the comic book character of Tintin in the city of Saint-Nazaire, France. It uses the prescribed holistic approach while relying on interviews and hard data collected from local sources to the trail as material for analysis. Two main interviews were conducted with the founder of the trail and president of the association Les 7 Soleils, which helped provide an insightful outlook on the literary trail. The thesis examines the Tintin-related trail from the perspective of production, consumption, regulation, identity and representation, and draws from sources involving both the source material and the location. It acknowledges the model as applicable to the cultural object and recommends the use of such an analysis for objects of a similar nature. This thesis concludes with recommendations to potential Destination Management Organisations that may consider engaging in a literary trail project based on a comic book character or series.

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