Aseel Bahareth


Purpose - Healthcare has been recognised as one of the key social responsibilities in any society, and the quality of healthcare available in a country is one of the key recognised standards and indicators for measuring the quality of life and standard of living obtainable in a particular society or country. Several previous studies have also shown that service satisfaction and quality experienced by patients vary from one country to another, while most developing nations fall at the bottom of these satisfaction ladders or rankings due to little (or non-available) research evidence in these areas. Therefore, this study will employ various empirical approaches and apply the quantitative surveys. This study investigates the quality of care, available communication processes and patient engagement in Saudi Arabia's healthcare sector, and their effects on patients' satisfaction. Using SERVQUAL multi-dimensional instruments, the study explores the potentials and opportunities in the Saudi Arabia Healthcare Sector in order to develop integrated frameworks for patient-centred strategies, which could help to maximise patients (or customers) satisfaction and quality of service across the two cities in Saudi Arabia hospitals. These hospitals will be between two cities. One of these hospitals is one of the largest government hospitals in Saudi (National Guard Hospital) in Jeddah and the other will be in Mecca called (Hera Hospital)

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