BackgroundThere are no specific validated questionnaires assessing satisfaction of family-centered care experienced by parents of infants hospitalized in Chinese Neonatal Intensive Care Units (NICU).AimTo adapt and test the reliability and validity of the Chinese version of the EMPATHIC-30 questionnaire in NICU settings.MethodsA prospective, cross-sectional design was adopted. The EMPATHIC-30 questionnaires were completed by parents of infants admitted to one of the four NICUs at Hunan Children's Hospital, China, between November 2018 and 2019. Inclusion criteria were parents whose infants were admitted to the NICU for at least 5 days. Exclusion criteria were parents whose children were discharged within 5 days after admission or whose infants died in the NICU. Reliability was tested with Cronbach's alpha. The congruent validity was tested using Spearman's Rank correlation analysis, and the non-differential validity was tested using Cohen's d.ResultsParents of 619 infants discharged from the NICUs completed and returned the questionnaire. Most infants were male (n = 337, 54.4%) and infants' length of stay was a median of 21 days (IQR = 14–37). Mostly, mothers completed the questionnaire (n = 523, 84.5%). The Cronbach's alpha values of the five individual domains were between 0.67 and 0.95, and the alpha of the total questionnaire was.90, providing an adequate internal consistency. Congruent validity was measured by correlating the five domains with four standard satisfaction scales, documenting a weak correlation (rs −0.025–0.327). Non-differential validity showed some significant effect size between four binary variables (mechanical ventilation, unplanned admission, admission after surgery, length of stay) four of the five domains.ConclusionThe Chinese version of EMPATHIC-30 questionnaire showed acceptable psychometric properties. This instrument might be considered a suitable instrument to measure parent satisfaction among Chinese parents whose infants are admitted to an NICU. Measuring parent satisfaction with this instrument might contribute to improving family-centered care initiatives in NICUs with Chinese parents.



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Frontiers in Pediatrics



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