Aim To determine the feasibility of a nurse-led, primary care-based comprehensive geriatric assessment (CGA) intervention. Design A feasibility cluster randomized controlled trial. Methods The trial was conducted in six general practices in the United Kingdom from May 2018 to April 2020. Participants were moderately/severely frail people aged 65 years and older living at home. Clusters were randomly assigned to the intervention arm control arms. A CGA was delivered to the intervention participants, with control participants receiving usual care. Study outcomes related to feasibility of the intervention and of conducting the trial including recruitment and retention. A range of outcome measures of quality of life, function, loneliness, self-determination, mortality, hospital admission/readmission and number of prescribed medications were evaluated. Results All pre-specified feasibility criteria relating to recruitment and retention were met with 56 participants recruited in total (30 intervention and 26 control). Retention was high with 94.6% of participants completing 13-week follow-up and 87.5% (n = 49) completing 26-week follow-up. All outcome measures instruments met feasibility criteria relating to completeness and responsiveness over time. Quality of life was recommended as the primary outcome for a definitive trial with numbers of prescribed medications as a secondary outcome measure. Conclusion It is feasible to implement and conduct a randomized controlled trial of a nurse-led, primary care-based CGA intervention. Impact The study provided evidence on the feasibility of a CGA intervention for older people delivered in primary care. It provides information to maximize the success of a definitive trial of the clinical effectiveness of the intervention. Patient or Public Contribution Patient and public representatives were involved in the study design including intervention development and production of participant-facing documentation. Representatives served on the trial management and steering committees and, as part of this role, interpreted feasibility data. ISRCTN Number: 74345449.



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Journal of Advanced Nursing



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