Purpose To develop a battery of measures of leg range of motion, muscle tone and indicators of strength for use in clinical trials in non-ambulant children with cerebral palsy, and to test intra-rater reliability in typically developing (TD) young children. Method Fifteen healthy children, five boys, with a mean age of 29.6 months (SD 9 months) were tested. Equipment including a footboard, digital inclinometers, Myotonometer, Ultrasound and tape measurement was used. The measures were repeated seven days later. Results The Intra-class Correlation Coefficient (ICC) reached acceptable levels of reliability for seven of the fifteen measures; slow hamstring (ICC=0.84), fast hamstring (ICC=0.79), Myoton F (ICC=0.74) and Myoton S (ICC=0.73), muscle girth (ICC=0.95), ultrasound circumference (ICC=0.71) and depth (ICC=0.76) of rectus femoris. Conclusion: The battery was feasible for use in the home with young children. Intra-rater reliability was shown for seven tests for TD children.

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Association of Paediatric Chartered Physiotherapist Journal

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