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  • 180 Degrees of Trauma’ 

    Emmett, MH
    180 degrees of trauma exploits moments of violence and rupture in order to investigate notions of vandalism, trauma and the three-dimensional manifestation of extreme occupation. The work appropriates unexpected apertures ...
  • Bunker Auscultation 

    Emmett, MH (2011-11-01)
    The investigation trials a cognitive mapping methodology designed to analyse theories of spatial behaviours and focuses on the nature of perception in the formation of subjective reality and interpersonal feedback mechanisms. ...
  • Open State: Event Spaces of Infinite Perspective 

    Emmett, MH; benjamin, A (2017)
    This chapter presents the findings from a collaboration of dance, sound, space and digital technology, itself a prime-mover as a developing agent to new sensibilities. At the heart of this collaboration is the performance ...
  • Open State 

    Emmett, MH (2015-01-19)
    Research conducted on computer-mediated composition to uncover opportunities for digital applications to improve soundscape-choreographic connectedness across transnational dance networks. Questions sought to extend ...
  • The Birth of Memory 

    Emmett, MH (2016-01-29)
    Choreographed and directed by Adam Benjamin with the dancers of Exim Dance Company, Emmett’s soundscape evolved from the hybridisation of dance, sound, space and digital technology. The Birth of Memory was performed at ...
  • Vection Builder: Artist Residency 2010-2012: The Roman Baths, Bath. 

    Emmett, MH
    Artist Residency 2010-2012: The Roman Baths, Bath.
  • ConversationPiece II: Displaced and Rehacked 

    Emmett, MH; wennekers, T; denham, S (2017-11-21)
  • Space Interface II 

    Emmett, MH; Kranemann, E
    Space Interface II penetrates the structure of physical and cognised space. It is a device by which people can enter an alternative spatial construct. The work mobilises people to the awareness of an expanded understanding ...
  • Asynchronous Perception 

    Emmett, MH; Littlefield, D
    Interpreting themes of the frames as intervention, together with the spatial exploration of viewing cones, field of vision and angles of projection, we assembled a series of suspended and increasing distorted surfaces to ...

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