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  • Fabrication and evaluation of a micro(bio)sensor array chip for multiple parallel measurements of important cell biomarkers. 

    Pemberton, RM; Cox, T; Tuffin, R; Drago, GA; Griffiths, J; Pittson, R; Johnson, G; Xu, J; Sage, IC; Davies, R; Jackson, SK; Kenna, G; Luxton, R; Hart, JP (Switzerland, 2014-10-30)
    This report describes the design and development of an integrated electrochemical cell culture monitoring system, based on enzyme-biosensors and chemical sensors, for monitoring indicators of mammalian cell metabolic ...
  • Fast, Ultrasensitive Detection of Reactive Oxygen Species Using a Carbon Nanotube Based-Electrocatalytic Intracellular Sensor. 

    Rawson, FJ; Hicks, J; Dodd, N; Abate, W; Garrett, DJ; Yip, N; Fejer, G; Downard, AJ; Baronian, KHR; Jackson, SK; Mendes, PM (United States, 2015-10-28)
    Herein, we report a highly sensitive electrocatalytic sensor-cell construct that can electrochemically communicate with the internal environment of immune cells (e.g., macrophages) via the selective monitoring of a ...
  • Fat mass prediction equations and reference ranges for Saudi Arabian Children aged 8–12 years using machine technique method 

    Alkutbe, RB; Alruban, A; Alturki, H; Sattar, A; Al-Hazzaa, H; Rees, G (PeerJ, 2021-02-23)
    <jats:sec> <jats:title>Background</jats:title> <jats:p>The number of children with obesity has increased in Saudi Arabia, which is a significant public health concern. Early diagnosis of childhood obesity and screening ...
  • Fetal Sex and RHD Genotyping with Digital PCR Demonstrates Greater Sensitivity than Real-time PCR. 

    Sillence, KA; Roberts, LA; Hollands, HJ; Thompson, HP; Kiernan, M; Madgett, TE; Welch, CR; Avent, ND (England, 2015-11)
    BACKGROUND: Noninvasive genotyping of fetal RHD (Rh blood group, D antigen) can prevent the unnecessary administration of prophylactic anti-D to women carrying RHD-negative fetuses. We evaluated laboratory methods for ...
  • A FimH inhibitor prevents acute bladder infection and treats chronic cystitis caused by multidrug-resistant uropathogenic Escherichia coli ST131. 

    Totsika, M; Kostakioti, M; Hannan, TJ; Upton, M; Beatson, SA; Janetka, JW; Hultgren, SJ; Schembri, MA (United States, 2013-09)
    BACKGROUND: Escherichia coli O25b:H4-ST131 represents a predominant clone of multidrug-resistant uropathogens currently circulating worldwide in hospitals and the community. Urinary tract infections (UTIs) caused by E. ...
  • Flowering poration – a synergistic multi-mode antibacterial mechanism by a bacteriocin fold 

    Hammond, K; Lewis, H; Halliwell, S; Desriac, F; Nardone, B; Ravi, J; Hoogenboom, BW; Upton, M; Derrick, JP; Ryadnov, MG (Elsevier BV, 2020-07-29)
  • FoxN1-dependent thymic epithelial cells promote T-cell leukemia development 

    Ghezzo, MN; Fernandes, MT; Pacheco-Leyva, I; Rodrigues, PM; Machado, RS; Araujo, MAS; Kalathur, RK; Futschik, ME; Alves, N; dos Santos, NR (Oxford University Press (OUP), 2018-12)
  • Galleria mellonella infection model demonstrates high lethality of ST69 and ST127 uropathogenic E. coli. 

    Alghoribi, MF; Gibreel, TM; Dodgson, AR; Beatson, SA; Upton, M (United States, 2014)
    Galleria mellonella larvae are an alternative in vivo model for investigating bacterial pathogenicity. Here, we examined the pathogenicity of 71 isolates from five leading uropathogenic E. coli (UPEC) lineages using G. ...
  • Galleria mellonella larvae exhibit a weight-dependent lethal median dose when infected with methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus 

    Hesketh-Best, PJ; Mouritzen, MV; Shandley-Edwards, K; Billington, RA; Upton, M (Oxford University Press (OUP), 2021-03)
    <jats:title>ABSTRACT</jats:title> <jats:p>Galleria mellonella is a recognised model to study antimicrobial efficacy; however, standardisation across the scientific field and investigations of methodological components are ...
  • Genetic identification of cytomegaloviruses in a rural population of Côte d'Ivoire. 

    Anoh, AE; Akoua-Koffi, C; Couacy-Hymann, E; Pauly, M; Schubert, G; Mossoun, A; Weiss, S; Leendertz, SAJ; Jarvis, MA; Leendertz, FH; Ehlers, B (England, 2015-10-05)
    BACKGROUND: Cytomegaloviruses (CMVs) are herpesviruses that infect many mammalian species, including humans. Infection generally passes undetected, but the virus can cause serious disease in individuals with impaired ...
  • Genetic organisation, mobility and predicted functions of genes on integrated, mobile genetic elements in sequenced strains of Clostridium difficile. 

    Brouwer, MSM; Warburton, PJ; Roberts, AP; Mullany, P; Allan, E (United States, 2011)
    BACKGROUND: Clostridium difficile is the leading cause of hospital-associated diarrhoea in the US and Europe. Recently the incidence of C. difficile-associated disease has risen dramatically and concomitantly with the ...
  • Genome Sequence of Hydrothermal Arsenic-Respiring Bacterium Marinobacter santoriniensis NKSG1T. 

    Handley, KM; Upton, M; Beatson, SA; Héry, M; Lloyd, JR (United States, 2013-05-09)
    Marinobacter santoriniensis NKSG1(T) originates from metalliferous marine sediment. It can respire and redox cycle arsenic species and perform mixotrophic, nitrate-dependent Fe(II) oxidation. The genome sequence, reported ...
  • Genome-wide association study identifies SESTD1 as a novel risk gene for lithium-responsive bipolar disorder. 

    Song, J; Bergen, SE; Di Florio, A; Karlsson, R; Charney, A; Ruderfer, DM; Stahl, EA; Members of the International Cohort Collection for Bipolar Disorder (ICCBD); Chambert, KD; Moran, JL; Gordon-Smith, K; Forty, L; Green, EK; Jones, I; Jones, L; Scolnick, EM; Sklar, P; Smoller, JW; Lichtenstein, P; Hultman, C; Craddock, N; Landén, M; Smoller, JW; Perlis, RH; Lee, PH; Castro, VM; Hoffnagle, AG; Sklar, P; Stahl, EA; Purcell, SM; Ruderfer, DM; Charney, AW; Roussos, P; Michele Pato, CP; Medeiros, H; Sobel, J; Craddock, N; Jones, I; Forty, L; Florio, AD; Green, E; Jones, L; Gordon-Smith, K; Landen, M; Hultman, C; Jureus, A; Bergen, S; McCarroll, S; Moran, J; Smoller, JW; Chambert, K; Belliveau, RA (England, 2016-09)
    Lithium is the mainstay prophylactic treatment for bipolar disorder (BD), but treatment response varies considerably across individuals. Patients who respond well to lithium treatment might represent a relatively homogeneous ...
  • Genome-wide association study of borderline personality disorder reveals genetic overlap with bipolar disorder, major depression and schizophrenia 

    Witt, SH; Streit, F; Jungkunz, M; Frank, J; Awasthi, S; Reinbold, CS; Treutlein, J; Degenhardt, F; Forstner, AJ; Heilmann-Heimbach, S; Dietl, L; Schwarze, CE; Schendel, D; Strohmaier, J; Abdellaoui, A; Adolfsson, R; Air, TM; Akil, H; Alda, M; Alliey-Rodriguez, N; Andreassen, OA; Babadjanova, G; Bass, NJ; Bauer, M; Baune, BT; Bellivier, F; Bergen, S; Bethell, A; Biernacka, JM; Blackwood, DHR; Boks, MP; Boomsma, DI; Børglum, AD; Borrmann-Hassenbach, M; Brennan, P; Budde, M; Buttenschøn, HN; Byrne, EM; Cervantes, P; Clarke, T-K; Craddock, N; Cruceanu, C; Curtis, D; Czerski, PM; Dannlowski, U; Davis, T; de Geus, EJC; Di Florio, A; Djurovic, S; Domenici, E; Edenberg, HJ; Etain, B; Fischer, SB; Forty, L; Fraser, C; Frye, MA; Fullerton, JM; Gade, K; Gershon, ES; Giegling, I; Gordon, SD; Gordon-Smith, K; Grabe, HJ; Green, EK; Greenwood, TA; Grigoroiu-Serbanescu, M; Guzman-Parra, J; Hall, LS; Hamshere, M; Hauser, J; Hautzinger, M; Heilbronner, U; Herms, S; Hitturlingappa, S; Hoffmann, P; Holmans, P; Hottenga, J-J; Jamain, S; Jones, I; Jones, LA; Juréus, A; Kahn, RS; Kammerer-Ciernioch, J; Kirov, G; Kittel-Schneider, S; Kloiber, S; Knott, SV; Kogevinas, M; Landén, M; Leber, M; Leboyer, M; Li, QS; Lissowska, J; Lucae, S; Martin, NG; Mayoral-Cleries, F; McElroy, SL; McIntosh, AM; McKay, JD; McQuillin, A; Medland, SE; Middeldorp, CM; Milaneschi, Y; Mitchell, PB; Montgomery, GW; Morken, G; Mors, O; Mühleisen, TW; Müller-Myhsok, B; Myers, RM; Nievergelt, CM; Nurnberger, JI; O'Donovan, MC; Loohuis, LMO; Ophoff, R; Oruc, L; Owen, MJ; Paciga, SA; Penninx, BWJH; Perry, A; Pfennig, A; Potash, JB; Preisig, M; Reif, A; Rivas, F; Rouleau, GA; Schofield, PR; Schulze, TG; Schwarz, M; Scott, L; Sinnamon, GCB; Stahl, EA; Strauss, J; Turecki, G; Van der Auwera, S; Vedder, H; Vincent, JB; Willemsen, G; Witt, CC; Wray, NR; Xi, HS; Tadic, A; Dahmen, N; Schott, BH; Cichon, S; Nöthen, MM; Ripke, S; Mobascher, A; Rujescu, D; Lieb, K; Roepke, S; Schmahl, C; Bohus, M; Rietschel, M (Springer Nature [academic journals on], 2017-06-20)
  • Genome-wide association study of CNVs in 16,000 cases of eight common diseases and 3,000 shared controls. 

    Wellcome Trust Case Control Consortium; Craddock, N; Hurles, ME; Cardin, N; Pearson, RD; Plagnol, V; Robson, S; Vukcevic, D; Barnes, C; Conrad, DF; Giannoulatou, E; Holmes, C; Marchini, JL; Stirrups, K; Tobin, MD; Wain, LV; Yau, C; Aerts, J; Ahmad, T; Andrews, TD; Arbury, H; Attwood, A; Auton, A; Ball, SG; Balmforth, AJ; Barrett, JC; Barroso, I; Barton, A; Bennett, AJ; Bhaskar, S; Blaszczyk, K; Bowes, J; Brand, OJ; Braund, PS; Bredin, F; Breen, G; Brown, MJ; Bruce, IN; Bull, J; Burren, OS; Burton, J; Byrnes, J; Caesar, S; Clee, CM; Coffey, AJ; Connell, JMC; Cooper, JD; Dominiczak, AF; Downes, K; Drummond, HE; Dudakia, D; Dunham, A; Ebbs, B; Eccles, D; Edkins, S; Edwards, C; Elliot, A; Emery, P; Evans, DM; Evans, G; Eyre, S; Farmer, A; Ferrier, IN; Feuk, L; Fitzgerald, T; Flynn, E; Forbes, A; Forty, L; Franklyn, JA; Freathy, RM; Gibbs, P; Gilbert, P; Gokumen, O; Gordon-Smith, K; Gray, E; Green, E; Groves, CJ; Grozeva, D; Gwilliam, R; Hall, A; Hammond, N; Hardy, M; Harrison, P; Hassanali, N; Hebaishi, H; Hines, S; Hinks, A; Hitman, GA; Hocking, L; Howard, E; Howard, P; Howson, JMM; Hughes, D; Hunt, S; Isaacs, JD; Jain, M; Jewell, DP; Johnson, T; Jolley, JD; Jones, IR; Jones, LA; Kirov, G; Langford, CF; Lango-Allen, H; Lathrop, GM; Lee, J; Lee, KL; Lees, C; Lewis, K; Lindgren, CM; Maisuria-Armer, M; Maller, J; Mansfield, J; Martin, P; Massey, DCO; McArdle, WL; McGuffin, P; McLay, KE; Mentzer, A; Mimmack, ML; Morgan, AE; Morris, AP; Mowat, C; Myers, S; Newman, W; Nimmo, ER; O'Donovan, MC; Onipinla, A; Onyiah, I; Ovington, NR; Owen, MJ; Palin, K; Parnell, K; Pernet, D; Perry, JRB; Phillips, A; Pinto, D; Prescott, NJ; Prokopenko, I; Quail, MA; Rafelt, S; Rayner, NW; Redon, R; Reid, DM; Renwick; Ring, SM; Robertson, N; Russell, E; St Clair, D; Sambrook, JG; Sanderson, JD; Schuilenburg, H; Scott, CE; Scott, R; Seal, S; Shaw-Hawkins, S; Shields, BM; Simmonds, MJ; Smyth, DJ; Somaskantharajah, E; Spanova, K; Steer, S; Stephens, J; Stevens, HE; Stone, MA; Su, Z; Symmons, DPM; Thompson, JR; Thomson, W; Travers, ME; Turnbull, C; Valsesia, A; Walker, M; Walker, NM; Wallace, C; Warren-Perry, M; Watkins, NA; Webster, J; Weedon, MN; Wilson, AG; Woodburn, M; Wordsworth, BP; Young, AH; Zeggini, E; Carter, NP; Frayling, TM; Lee, C; McVean, G; Munroe, PB; Palotie, A; Sawcer, SJ; Scherer, SW; Strachan, DP; Tyler-Smith, C; Brown, MA; Burton, PR; Caulfield, MJ; Compston, A; Farrall, M; Gough, SCL; Hall, AS; Hattersley, AT; Hill, AVS; Mathew, CG; Pembrey, M; Satsangi, J; Stratton, MR; Worthington, J; Deloukas, P; Duncanson, A; Kwiatkowski, DP; McCarthy, MI; Ouwehand, W; Parkes, M; Rahman, N; Todd, JA; Samani, NJ; Donnelly, P (England, 2010-04-01)
    Copy number variants (CNVs) account for a major proportion of human genetic polymorphism and have been predicted to have an important role in genetic susceptibility to common disease. To address this we undertook a large, ...
  • Genomic Dissection of Bipolar Disorder and Schizophrenia, Including 28 Subphenotypes 

    Ruderfer, DM; Ripke, S; McQuillin, A; Boocock, J; Stahl, EA; Pavlides, JMW; Mullins, N; Charney, AW; Ori, APS; Loohuis, LMO; Domenici, E; Di Florio, A; Papiol, S; Kalman, JL; Trubetskoy, V; Adolfsson, R; Agartz, I; Agerbo, E; Akil, H; Albani, D; Albus, M; Alda, M; Alexander, M; Alliey-Rodriguez, N; Als, TD; Amin, F; Anjorin, A; Arranz, MJ; Awasthi, S; Bacanu, SA; Badner, JA; Baekvad-Hansen, M; Bakker, S; Band, G; Barchas, JD; Barroso, I; Bass, N; Bauer, M; Baune, BT; Begemann, M; Bellenguez, C; Belliveau, RA; Bellivier, F; Bender, S; Bene, J; Bergen, SE; Berrettini, WH; Bevilacqua, E; Biernacka, JM; Bigdeli, TB; Black, DW; Blackburn, H; Blackwell, JM; Blackwood, DHR; Pedersen, CB; Boehnke, M; Boks, M; Borglum, AD; Bramon, E; Breen, G; Brown, MA; Bruggeman, R; Buccola, NG; Buckner, RL; Budde, M; Bulik-Sullivan, B; Bumpstead, SJ; Bunney, W; Burmeister, M; Buxbaum, JD; Bybjerg-Grauholm, J; Byerley, W; Cahn, W; Cai, G; Cairns, MJ; Campion, D; Cantor, RM; Carr, VJ; Carrera, N; Casas, JP; Casas, M; Catts, SV; Cervantes, P; Chambert, KD; Chan, RCK; Chen, EYH; Chen, RYL; Cheng, W; Cheung, EFC; Chong, SA; Clarke, T-K; Cloninger, CR; Cohen, D; Cohen, N; Coleman, JRI; Collier, DA; Cormican, P; Coryell, W; Craddock, N; Craig, DW; Crespo-Facorro, B; Crowley, JJ; Cruceanu, C; Curtis, D; Czerski, PM; Dale, AM; Daly, MJ; Dannlowski, U; Darvasi, A; Davidson, M; Davis, KL; de Leeuw, CA; Degenhardt, F; Del Favero, J; DeLisi, LE; Deloukas, P; Demontis, D; DePaulo, JR; di Forti, M; Dikeos, D; Dinan, T; Djurovic, S; Dobbyn, AL; Donnelly, P; Donohoe, G; Drapeau, E; Dronov, S; Duan, J; Dudbridge, F; Duncanson, A; Edenberg, H; Edkins, S; Ehrenreich, H; Eichhammer, P; Elvsashagen, T; Eriksson, J; Escott-Price, V; Esko, T; Essioux, L; Etain, B; Fan, CC; Farh, K-H; Farrell, MS; Flickinger, M; Foroud, TM; Forty, L; Frank, J; Franke, L; Fraser, C; Freedman, R; Freeman, C; Freimer, NB; Friedman, JI; Fromer, M; Frye, MA; Fullerton, JM; Gade, K; Garnham, J; Gaspar, HA; Gejman, PV; Genovese, G; Georgieva, L; Giambartolomei, C; Giannoulatou, E; Giegling, I; Gill, M; Gillman, M; Pedersen, MG; Giusti-Rodriguez, P; Godard, S; Goes, F; Goldstein, JI; Gopal, S; Gordon, SD; Gordon-Smith, K; Gratten, J; Gray, E; Green, EK; Green, MJ; Greenwood, TA; Grigoroiu-Serbanescu, M; Grove, J; Guan, W; Gurling, H; Parra, JG; Gwilliam, R; de Haan, L; Hall, J; Hall, M-H; Hammer, C; Hammond, N; Hamshere, ML; Hansen, M; Hansen, T; Haroutunian, V; Hartmann, AM; Hauser, J; Hautzinger, M; Heilbronner, U; Hellenthal, G; Henskens, FA; Herms, S; Hipolito, M; Hirschhorn, JN; Hoffmann, P; Hollegaard, MV; Hougaard, DM; Huang, H; Huckins, L; Hultman, CM; Hunt, SE; Ikeda, M; Iwata, N; Iyegbe, C; Jablensky, AV; Jamain, S; Jankowski, J; Jayakumar, A; Joa, I; Jones, I; Jones, LA; Jonsson, EG; Julia, A; Jureus, A; Kahler, AK; Kahn, RS; Kalaydjieva, L; Kandaswamy, R; Karachanak-Yankova, S; Karjalainen, J; Karlsson, R; Kavanagh, D; Keller, MC; Kelly, BJ; Kelsoe, J; Kennedy, JL; Khrunin, A; Kim, Y; Kirov, G; Kittel-Schneider, S; Klovins, J; Knight, J; Knott, SV; Knowles, JA; Kogevinas, M; Konte, B; Kravariti, E; Kucinskas, V; Kucinskiene, ZA; Kupka, R; Kuzelova-Ptackova, H; Landen, M; Langford, C; Laurent, C; Lawrence, J; Lawrie, S; Lawson, WB; Leber, M; Leboyer, M; Lee, PH; Keong, JLC; Legge, SE; Lencz, T; Lerer, B; Levinson, DF; Levy, SE; Lewis, CM; Li, JZ; Li, M; Li, QS; Li, T; Liang, K-Y; Liddle, J; Lieberman, J; Limborska, S; Lin, K; Linszen, DH; Lissowska, J; Liu, C; Liu, J; Lonnqvist, J; Loughland, CM; Lubinski, J; Lucae, S; Macek, M; MacIntyre, DJ; Magnusson, PKE; Maher, BS; Mahon, PB; Maier, W; Malhotra, AK; Mallet, J; Malt, UF; Markus, HS; Marsal, S; Martin, NG; Mata, I; Mathew, CG; Mattheisen, M; Mattingsdal, M; Mayoral, F; McCann, OT; McCarley, RW; McCarroll, SA; McCarthy, MI; McDonald, C; McElroy, SL; McGuffin, P; McInnis, MG; McIntosh, AM; McKay, JD; McMahon, FJ; Medeiros, H; Medland, SE; Meier, S; Meijer, CJ; Melegh, B; Melle, I; Meng, F; Mesholam-Gately, RI; Metspalu, A; Michie, PT; Milani, L; Milanova, V; Mitchell, PB; Mokrab, Y; Montgomery, GW; Moran, JL; Morken, G; Morris, DW; Mors, O; Mortensen, PB; Mowry, BJ; Mühleisen, TW; Müller-Myhsok, B; Murphy, KC; Murray, RM; Myers, RM; Myin-Germeys, I; Neale, BM; Nelis, M; Nenadic, I; Nertney, DA; Nestadt, G; Nicodemus, KK; Nievergelt, CM; Nikitina-Zake, L; Nimgaonkar, V; Nisenbaum, L; Nordentoft, M; Nordin, A; Nöthen, MM; Nwulia, EA; O’Callaghan, E; O’Donovan, C; O’Dushlaine, C; O’Neill, FA; Oedegaard, KJ; Oh, S-Y; Olincy, A; Olsen, L; Oruc, L; Van Os, J; Owen, MJ; Paciga, SA; Palmer, CNA; Palotie, A; Pantelis, C; Papadimitriou, GN; Parkhomenko, E; Pato, C; Pato, MT; Paunio, T; Pearson, R; Perkins, DO; Perlis, RH; Perry, A; Pers, TH; Petryshen, TL; Pfennig, A; Picchioni, M; Pietilainen, O; Pimm, J; Pirinen, M; Plomin, R; Pocklington, AJ; Posthuma, D; Potash, JB; Potter, SC; Powell, J; Price, A; Pulver, AE; Purcell, SM; Quested, D; Ramos-Quiroga, JA; Rasmussen, HB; Rautanen, A; Ravindrarajah, R; Regeer, EJ; Reichenberg, A; Reif, A; Reimers, MA; Ribases, M; Rice, JP; Richards, AL; Ricketts, M; Riley, BP; Rivas, F; Rivera, M; Roffman, JL; Rouleau, GA; Roussos, P; Rujescu, D; Salomaa, V; Sanchez-Mora, C; Sanders, AR; Sawcer, SJ; Schall, U; Schatzberg, AF; Scheftner, WA; Schofield, PR; Schork, NJ; Schwab, SG; Scolnick, EM; Scott, LJ; Scott, RJ; Seidman, LJ; Serretti, A; Sham, PC; Weickert, CS; Shehktman, T; Shi, J; Shilling, PD; Sigurdsson, E; Silverman, JM; Sim, K; Slaney, C; Slominsky, P; Smeland, OB; Smoller, JW; So, H-C; Sobell, JL; Soderman, E; Hansen, CS; Spencer, CCA; Spijker, AT; St Clair, D; Stefansson, H; Stefansson, K; Steinberg, S; Stogmann, E; Stordal, E; Strange, A; Straub, RE; Strauss, JS; Streit, F; Strengman, E; Strohmaier, J; Stroup, TS; Su, Z; Subramaniam, M; Suvisaari, J; Svrakic, DM; Szatkiewicz, JP; Szelinger, S; Tashakkori-Ghanbaria, A; Thirumalai, S; Thompson, RC; Thorgeirsson, TE; Toncheva, D; Tooney, PA; Tosato, S; Toulopoulou, T; Trembath, RC; Treutlein, J; Trubetskoy, V; Turecki, G; Vaaler, AE; Vedder, H; Vieta, E; Vincent, J; Visscher, PM; Viswanathan, AC; Vukcevic, D; Waddington, J; Waller, M; Walsh, D; Walshe, M; Walters, JTR; Wang, D; Wang, Q; Wang, W; Wang, Y; Watson, SJ; Webb, BT; Weickert, TW; Weinberger, DR; Weisbrod, M; Weiser, M; Werge, T; Weston, P; Whittaker, P; Widaa, S; Wiersma, D; Wildenauer, DB; Williams, NM; Williams, S; Witt, SH; Wolen, AR; Wong, EHM; Wood, NW; Wormley, BK; Wu, JQ; Xi, S; Xu, W; Young, AH; Zai, CC; Zandi, P; Zhang, P; Zheng, X; Zimprich, F; Zollner, S; Corvin, A; Fanous, AH; Cichon, S; Rietschel, M; Gershon, ES; Schulze, TG; Cuellar-Barboza, AB; Forstner, AJ; Holmans, PA; Nurnberger, JI; Andreassen, OA; Lee, SH; O’Donovan, MC; Sullivan, PF; Ophoff, RA; Wray, NR; Sklar, P; Kendler, KS (Elsevier (Cell Press), 2018-06-14)
  • Genomics–Metabolomics Profiling Disclosed Marine Vibrio spartinae 3.6 as a Producer of a New Branched Side Chain Prodigiosin 

    Vitale, GA; Sciarretta, M; Palma Esposito, F; January, GG; Giaccio, M; Bunk, B; Spröer, C; Bajerski, F; Power, D; Festa, C; Monti, MC; D’Auria, MV; de Pascale, D (American Chemical Society (ACS), 2020-05-22)
  • Genotype-phenotype correlations in Darier disease: A focus on the neuropsychiatric phenotype 

    Gordon-Smith, K; Green, E; Grozeva, D; Tavadia, S; Craddock, N; Jones, L (Wiley, 2018-12)
    Darier disease (DD) is an autosomal dominant skin disorder caused by mutations in ATP2A2 encoding the sarco/endoplasmic reticulum Ca2+ ATPase Isoform 2 (SERCA2). Evidence of a population-level association between DD and ...
  • Global dissemination of a multidrug resistant Escherichia coli clone. 

    Petty, NK; Ben Zakour, NL; Stanton-Cook, M; Skippington, E; Totsika, M; Forde, BM; Phan, M-D; Gomes Moriel, D; Peters, KM; Davies, M; Rogers, BA; Dougan, G; Rodriguez-Baño, J; Pascual, A; Pitout, JDD; Upton, M; Paterson, DL; Walsh, TR; Schembri, MA; Beatson, SA (United States, 2014-04-15)
    Escherichia coli sequence type 131 (ST131) is a globally disseminated, multidrug resistant (MDR) clone responsible for a high proportion of urinary tract and bloodstream infections. The rapid emergence and successful ...

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