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  • NAP5 and the isolated forearm technique. 

    Sneyd, JR (England, 2015-07)
  • The need for novel strategies to address postoperative pain associated with cardiac surgery: A commentary and introduction to “SMArTVIEW” 

    Ouellette, C; Henry, S; Turner, A; Clyne, W; Furze, G; Bird, M; Sanchez, K; Watt-Watson, J; Carroll, S; Devereaux, PJ; McGillion, M (2019-01-01)
    Background: With coronary heart disease affecting over 2.4 million Canadians, annual cardiac and major vascular surgery rates are on the rise. Unrelieved postoperative pain is among the top five causes of hospital readmission ...
  • The neurology-psychiatry interface in epilepsy. 

    Murphy, V; Hallahan, B; O' Connell, H; Wright, B; Kelly, BD; Gulati, G; Shankar, R (England, 2021-03)
    Epilepsy and mental illness have a bidirectional association. Psychiatrists are likely to encounter epilepsy as comorbidity. Seizures may present as mental illness. Equally, the management of psychiatric conditions has ...
  • Neuropsychological outcomes in adults commencing highly active anti-retroviral treatment in South Africa: a prospective study. 

    Joska, JA; Westgarth-Taylor, J; Hoare, J; Thomas, KGF; Paul, R; Myer, L; Stein, DJ (England, 2012-02-15)
    BACKGROUND: Infection with HIV may result in significant neuropsychological impairment, especially in late stage disease. To date, there have been no cohort studies of the impact of highly active anti-retroviral treatment ...
  • New drugs and technologies, intravenous anaesthesia is on the move (again). 

    Sneyd, JR; Rigby-Jones, AE (England, 2010-09)
    Although well established in clinical practice, both propofol and midazolam have limitations. New hypnotics with different and potentially superior pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics are under development. These include ...
  • A new HPLC-ELSD method to quantify indican in Polygonum tinctorium L. and to evaluate beta-glucosidase hydrolysis of indican for indigo production. 

    Angelini, LG; Campeol, E; Tozzi, S; Gilbert, KG; Cooke, DT; John, P (United States, 2003-11)
    A method to quantify the indigo precursor indican (indoxyl-beta-D-glucoside) in Polygonum tinctorium L. has been developed. Plant material was extracted in deionized water, and indican was identified and quantified using ...
  • A new taxonomy for describing and defining adherence to medications. 

    Vrijens, B; De Geest, S; Hughes, DA; Przemyslaw, K; Demonceau, J; Ruppar, T; Dobbels, F; Fargher, E; Morrison, V; Lewek, P; Matyjaszczyk, M; Mshelia, C; Clyne, W; Aronson, JK; Urquhart, J; ABC Project Team (England, 2012-05)
    Interest in patient adherence has increased in recent years, with a growing literature that shows the pervasiveness of poor adherence to appropriately prescribed medications. However, four decades of adherence research ...
  • NFAT-mediated defects in erythropoiesis cause anemia in Il2-/- mice. 

    Giampaolo, S; Wójcik, G; Klein-Hessling, S; Serfling, E; Patra, AK (2018-02-09)
    The role of NFAT family transcription factors in erythropoiesis is so far unknown, although their involvement has been suggested previously. We have shown recently that Il2-/- mice develop severe anemia due to defects in ...
  • NFATc1 affects mouse splenic B cell function by controlling the calcineurin--NFAT signaling network. 

    Bhattacharyya, S; Deb, J; Patra, AK; Thuy Pham, DA; Chen, W; Vaeth, M; Berberich-Siebelt, F; Klein-Hessling, S; Lamperti, ED; Reifenberg, K; Jellusova, J; Schweizer, A; Nitschke, L; Leich, E; Rosenwald, A; Brunner, C; Engelmann, S; Bommhardt, U; Avots, A; Müller, MR; Kondo, E; Serfling, E (United States, 2011-04-11)
    By studying mice in which the Nfatc1 gene was inactivated in bone marrow, spleen, or germinal center B cells, we show that NFATc1 supports the proliferation and suppresses the activation-induced cell death of splenic B ...
  • NFATc1 controls the cytotoxicity of CD8+ T cells 

    Klein-Hessling, S; Muhammad, K; Klein, M; Pusch, T; Rudolf, R; Flöter, J; Qureischi, M; Beilhack, A; Vaeth, M; Kummerow, C; Backes, C; Schoppmeyer, R; Hahn, U; Hoth, M; Bopp, T; Berberich-Siebelt, F; Patra, A; Avots, A; Müller, N; Schulze, A; Serfling, E (Springer Science and Business Media LLC, 2017-12)
  • NFATc1 supports imiquimod-induced skin inflammation by suppressing IL-10 synthesis in B cells 

    Alrefai, H; Muhammad, K; Rudolf, R; Pham, DAT; Klein-Hessling, S; Patra, AK; Avots, A; Bukur, V; Sahin, U; Tenzer, S; Goebeler, M; Kerstan, A; Serfling, E (2016-05-25)
  • Nitrous oxide in modern anaesthetic practice 

    Brown, SM; Sneyd, JR (2015-06-08)
    Nitrous oxide is an N-methyl--aspartate receptor antagonist and may reduce the incidence of chronic post-surgical pain. • Nitrous oxide oxidizes Vitamin B12 and can precipitate sub-acute combined degeneration of the cord ...
  • Non-motor predictors of 36-month quality of life after subthalamic stimulation in Parkinson disease 

    Jost, ST; Visser-Vandewalle, V; Rizos, A; Loehrer, PA; Silverdale, M; Evans, J; Samuel, M; Petry-Schmelzer, JN; Sauerbier, A; Gronostay, A; Barbe, MT; Fink, GR; Ashkan, K; Antonini, A; Martinez-Martin, P; Chaudhuri, KR; Timmermann, L; Dafsari, HS; Bhidayasiri, R; Falup-Pecurariu, C; Jeon, B; Leta, V; Borghammer, P; Odin, P; Schrag, A; Storch, A; Violante, MR; Weintraub, D; Adler, C; Barone, P; Brooks, DJ; Brown, R; Cantillon, M; Carroll, C; Coelho, M; Henriksen, T; Hu, M; Jenner, P; Kramberger, M; Kumar, P; Kurtis, M; Lewis, S; Litvan, I; Lyons, K; Martino, D; Masellis, M; Mochizuki, H; Morley, JF; Nirenberg, M; Pagonabarraga, J; Panicker, J; Pavese, N; Pekkonen, E; Postuma, R; Rosales, R; Schapira, A; Simuni, T; Stocchi, F; Subramanian, I; Tagliati, M; Tinazzi, M; Toledo, J; Tsuboi, Y; Walker, R (Hindawi, 2021-06-08)
    <jats:title>Abstract</jats:title><jats:p>To identify predictors of 36-month follow-up quality of life (QoL) outcome after bilateral subthalamic nucleus deep brain stimulation (STN-DBS) in Parkinson’s disease (PD). In this ...
  • Not all waits are equal: an exploratory investigation of emergency care patient pathways 

    Swancutt, D; Joel-Edgar, S; Allen, M; Thomas, D; Brant, H; Benger, J; Byng, R; Pinkney, J (Springer Science and Business Media LLC, 2017-12)
  • Not so simple: the challenge of developing a non-motor symptoms app (NMS Assist) for people with Parkinson's (PwP) 

    Gorst, T; Dominey, T; Whipps, J; Whipps, S; Cooke, J; Mullin, S; Maramba, I; Edwards, E; Carroll, C (2020-09)
  • Novel etomidate derivatives. 

    Sneyd, JR (United Arab Emirates, 2012)
    Etomidate is a well established intravenous anaesthetic agent which has been widely used. Recognised limitations of the agent include adrenocortical suppression, myoclonus and post-operative nausea and vomiting, PONV. ...
  • A novel method for assessing design fidelity in web-based behavioral interventions. 

    Lambert, JD; Elliott, LR; Taylor, AH; Farrand, P; Haase, AM; Greaves, CJ (American Psychological Association (APA), 2021-03)
  • Obeticholic acid for the treatment of non-alcoholic steatohepatitis: interim analysis from a multicentre, randomised, placebo-controlled phase 3 trial 

    Younossi, ZM; Ratziu, V; Loomba, R; Rinella, M; Anstee, QM; Goodman, Z; Bedossa, P; Geier, A; Beckebaum, S; Newsome, PN; Sheridan, D; Sheikh, MY; Trotter, J; Knapple, W; Lawitz, E; Abdelmalek, MF; Kowdley, KV; Montano-Loza, AJ; Boursier, J; Mathurin, P; Bugianesi, E; Mazzella, G; Olveira, A; Cortez-Pinto, H; Graupera, I; Orr, D; Gluud, LL; Dufour, J-F; Shapiro, D; Campagna, J; Zaru, L; MacConell, L; Shringarpure, R; Harrison, S; Sanyal, AJ; Abdelmalek, M; Abrams, G; Aguilar, H; Ahmed, A; Aigner, E; Aithal, G; Ala, A; Alazawi, W; Albillos, A; Allison, M; Al-Shamma, S; Andrade, R; Andreone, P; Angelico, M; Ankoma-Sey, V; Anstee, Q; Anty, R; Araya, V; Arenas Ruiz, JI; Arkkila, P; Arora, M; Asselah, T; Au, J; Ayonrinde, O; Bailey, RJ; Balakrishnan, M; Bambha, K; Bansal, M; Barritt, S; Bate, J; Beato, J; Beckebaum, S; Behari, J; Bellot, P; Ben Ari, Z; Bennett, M; Berenguer, M; Beretta-Piccoli, BT; Berg, T; Bonacini, M; Bonet, L; Borg, B; Bourliere, M; Boursier, J; Bowman, W; Bradley, D; Brankovic, M; Braun, M; Bronowicki, J-P; Bruno, S; Bugianesi, E; Cai, C; Calleja Panero, JL; Carey, E; Carmiel, M; Carrión, JA; Cave, M; Chagas, C; Chami, T; Chang, A; Coates, A; Cobbold, J; Corey, K; Corless, L; Cortez-Pinto, H; Crespo, J; Cruz Pereira, O; de Ledinghen, V; deLemos, A; Diago, M; Dufour, J-F; Dugalic, P; Dunn, W; Elkhashab, M; Epstein, M; Escudero-Garcia, MD; Etzion, O; Evans, L; Falcone, R; Fernandez, C; Ferreira, J; Fink, S; Finnegan, K; Firpi-Morell, R; Floreani, A; Fontanges, T; Ford, R; Forrest, E; Fowell, A; Fracanzani, AL; Francque, S; Freilich, B; Frias, J; Fuchs, M; Fuentes, J; Galambos, M; Gallegos, J; Geerts, A; Geier, A; George, J; Ghali, M; Ghalib, R; Gholam, P; Gines, P; Gitlin, N; Gluud, LL; Goeser, T; Goff, J; Gordon, S; Gordon, F; Goria, O; Greer, S; Grigorian, A; Gronbaek, H; Guillaume, M; Gunaratnam, N; Halegoua-De Marzio, D; Hameed, B; Hametner, S; Hamilton, J; Harrison, S; Hartleb, M; Hassanein, T; Häussinger, D; Hellstern, P; Herring, R; Heurich, E; Hezode, C; Hinrichsen, H; Holland Fischer, P; Horsmans, Y; Huang, J; Jakiche, A; Jeffers, L; Jones, B; Jorge, R; Jorquera, F; Kahraman, A; Kaita, K; Karyotakis, N; Kayali, Z; Kechagias, S; Kepczyk, T; Khalili, M; Khallafi, H; Kluwe, J; Knapple, W; Kohli, A; Korenblat, K; Kowdley, K; Krag, A; Krause, R; Kremer, A; Krok, K; Krstic, M; Kugelmas, M; Kumar, S; Labarriere, D; Lai, M; Lampertico, P; Lawitz, E; Lee, A; Leroy, V; Lidofsky, S; Lim, TH; Lim, J; Lipkis, D; Little, E; Lonardo, A; Long, M; Loomba, R; Lurie, Y; Macedo, G; Makara, M; Maliakkal, B; Manns, M; Manousou, P; Mantry, P; Marchesini, G; Marinho, C; Marotta, P; Marschall, H-U; Mathurin, P; Mayo, M; Mazzella, G; McCullen, M; McLaughlin, W; Merriman, R; Modi, A; Molina, E; Montano-Loza, A; Monteverde, C; Moreea, S; Moreno, C; Morisco, F; Mubarak, A; Muellhaupt, B; Mukherjee, S; Müller, T; Nagorni, A; Naik, J; Neff, G; Nevah, M; Newsome, P; Nguyen-Khac, E; Noureddin, M; Oben, J; Olveira, A; Orlent, H; Orr, D; Orr, J; Ortiz-Lasanta, G; Ozenne, V; Pandya, P; Paredes, A; Park, J; Patel, J; Patel, K; Uta, M; Patton, H; Peck-Radosavljevic, M; Petta, S; Pianko, S; Piekarska, A; Pimstone, N; Pockros, P; Pol, S; Porayko, M; Poulos, J; Pound, D; Pouzar, J; Presa Ramos, J; Pyrsopoulos, N; Rafiq, N; Muller, K; Ramji, A; Ratziu, V; Ravinuthala, R; Reddy, C; Reddy K G, G; Reddy K R, KR; Regenstein, F; Reindollar, R; Riera, A; Rinella, M; Rivera Acosta, J; Robaeys, G; Roberts, S; Rodriguez-Perez, F; Romero-Gomez, M; Rubin, R; Rumi, M; Rushbrook, S; Rust, C; Ryan, M; Safadi, R; Said, A; Salminen, K; Samuel, D; Santoro, J; Sanyal, A; Sarkar, S; Schaeffer, C; Schattenberg, J; Schiefke, I; Schiff, E; Schmidt, W; Schneider, J; Schouten, J; Schultz, M; Sebastiani, G; Semela, D; Sepe, T; Sheikh, A; Sheikh, M; Sheridan, D; Sherman, K; Shibolet, O; Shiffman, M; Siddique, A; Sieberhagen, C; Sigal, S; Sikorska, K; Simon, K; Sinclair, M; Skoien, R; Solis, J; Sood, S; Souder, B; Spivey, J; Stal, P; Stinton, L; Strasser, S; Svorcan, P; Szabo, G; Talal, A; Tam, E; Tetri, B; Thuluvath, P; Tobias, H; Tomasiewicz, K; Torres, D; Trauner, M; Trautwein, C; Trotter, J; Tsochatzis, E; Unitt, E; Vargas, V; Varkonyi, I; Veitsman, E; Vespasiani Gentilucci, U; Victor, D; Vierling, J; Vincent, C; Vincze, A; von der Ohe, M; Von Roenn, N; Vuppalanchi, R; Waters, M; Watt, K; Weltman, M; Wieland, A; Wiener, G; Williams A, A; Williams J, J; Wilson, J; Yataco, M; Yoshida, E; Younes, Z; Yuan, L; Zivony, A; Zogg, D; Zoller, H; Zoulim, F; Zuckerman, E; Zuin, M (Elsevier BV, 2019-12)
  • OCD Candidate Gene SLC1A1/EAAT3 Impacts Dopamine Neuron Firing and Behavioral Flexibility 

    Chohan, M; Kopelman, J; Kramer, E; Balsam, P; Ahmari, S; Veenstra-Vanderweele, J (2020-12)

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