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  • Optimising medicines use in older adults with intellectual disability who have epilepsy: challenges and perspectives 

    O’Dwyer, M; Watkins, L; McCallion, P; McCarron, M; Henman, M; Shankar, R (SAGE Publications, 2021-01)
  • How to tie dangerous surgical knots: easily. Can we avoid this? 

    Drabble, E; Spanopoulou, S; Sioka, E; Politaki, E; Paraskeva, I; Palla, E; Stockley, L; Zacharoulis, D (BMJ, 2021-07)
    <jats:sec><jats:title>Objective</jats:title><jats:p>Secure knots are essential in all areas of surgical, medical and veterinary practice. Our hypothesis was that technique of formation of each layer of a surgical knot was ...
  • Secondary analysis of loot box data: Are high-spending “whales” wealthy gamers or problem gamblers? 

    Close, J; Spicer, SG; Nicklin, LL; Uther, M; Lloyd, J; Lloyd, H (Elsevier, 2021-06)
  • Oxygen for seizures, more questions than answers: A scoping review. 

    Smith, AN; Abraham, J; Shankar, R (Denmark, 2021-07-26)
    BACKGROUND: Ictal hypoxaemia is a feature seen in epileptic seizures, characterized by low oxygen saturations, increasing seizure prolongation risk and possibly contributing to sudden unexpected death in epilepsy (SUDEP). ...
  • Representing uncertainty in the Rescorla-Wagner model: Blocking, the redundancy effect, and outcome base rate 

    Spicer, SG; Wills, AJ; Jones, PM; Mitchell, CJ; Dome, L (Nurture Science Publishing Group, 2021-03-17)
    <jats:p>It is generally assumed that the Rescorla and Wagner (1972) model adequately accommodates the full results of simple cue competition experiments in humans (e.g. Dickinson et al., 1984), while the Bush and Mosteller ...
  • Treatment threshold for intra‐operative hypotension in clinical practice—a prospective cohort study in older patients in the UK 

    Wickham, AJ; Highton, DT; Clark, S; Fallaha, D; Wong, DJN; Martin, DS (Wiley, 2021-07-06)
  • The gender gap in European neurosurgical conference presentations 

    Woodfield, J; Copley, PC; Hughes, M; Edlmann, E (American Association of Neurological Surgeons, 2021-03)
    <jats:sec><jats:title>OBJECTIVE</jats:title><jats:p>Within neurosurgery, there are fewer women than men at all levels. The authors aimed to assess whether opportunities and representation within neurosurgery are proportional ...
  • Physiological responses during ascent to high altitude and the incidence of acute mountain sickness 

    Cobb, AB; Levett, DZH; Mitchell, K; Aveling, W; Hurlbut, D; Gilbert‐Kawai, E; Hennis, PJ; Mythen, MG; Grocott, MPW; Martin, DS; Ahuja, V; Aref‐Adib, G; Burnham, R; Chisholm, A; Clarke, K; Coates, D; Coates, M; Cook, D; Cox, M; Dhillon, S; Dougall, C; Doyle, P; Duncan, P; Edsell, M; Edwards, L; Evans, L; Gardiner, P; Grocott, M; Gunning, P; Hart, N; Harrington, J; Harvey, J; Holloway, C; Howard, D; Hurlbut, D; Imray, C; Ince, C; van der Kaaij, J; Khosravi, M; Kolfschoten, N; Levett, D; Luery, H; Luks, A; Martin, D; McMorrow, R; Meale, P; Mitchell, K; Montgomery, H; Morgan, G; Morgan, J; Murray, A; Mythen, M; Newman, S; O’Dwyer, M; Pate, J; Plant, T; Pun, M; Richards, P; Richardson, A; Rodway, G; Simpson, J; Stroud, C; Stroud, M; Stygal, J; Symons, B; Szawarski, P; Van Tulleken, A; Van Tulleken, C; Vercueil, A; Wandrag, L; Wilson, M; Windsor, J; Basnyat, B; Clarke, C; Hornbein, T; Milledge, J; West, J; Abraham, S; Adams, T; Anseeuw, W; Astin, R; Basnyat, B; Burdall, O; Carroll, J; Cobb, A; Coppel, J; Couppis, O; Court, J; Cumpstey, A; Davies, T; Dhillon, S; Diamond, N; Dougall, C; Geliot, T; Gilbert‐Kawai, E; Gilbert‐Kawai, G; Gnaiger, E; Grocott, M; Haldane, C; Hennis, P; Horscroft, J; Howard, D; Jack, S; Jarvis, B; Jenner, W; Jones, G; van der Kaaij, J; Kenth, J; Kotwica, A; Kumar BC, R; Lacey, J; Laner, V; Levett, D; Martin, D; Meale, P; Mitchell, K; Mahomed, Z; Moonie, J; Murray, A; Mythen, M; Mythen, P; O’Brien, K; Ruggles‐Brice, I; Salmon, K; Sheperdigian, A; Smedley, T; Symons, B; Tomlinson, C; Vercueil, A; Wandrag, L; Ward, S; Wight, A; Wilkinson, C; Wythe, S; Feelisch, M; Gilbert‐Kawai, E; Grocott, M; Hanson, M; Levett, D; Martin, D; Mitchell, K; Montgomery, H; Moon, R; Murray, A; Mythen, M; Peters, M (Wiley, 2021-04)
  • UK framework for basic epilepsy training and oromucosal midazolam administration. 

    Tittensor, P; Tittensor, S; Chisanga, E; Bagary, M; Jory, C; Shankar, R (United States, 2021-07-09)
    BACKGROUND: UK wide Oromucosal Midazolam is used as an emergency treatment in community for seizures administered by family/carers with the right training. The Joint Epilepsy Council (JEC) UK which produced the training ...
  • Cultural issues on accessing mental health services in Nepali and Iranian migrants communities in the UK 

    Simkhada, B; Vahdaninia, M; van Teijlingen, E; Blunt, H; Vahdani, M

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