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  • Ambrein: a minor, but common constituent of mammalian faeces? 

    Rowland, SJ; Sutton, PA; von der Lühe, B; Volkman, JK; Vane, CH; Ingram, SN; Dunn, C; Claridge, D (England, 2020-03-17)
    For nearly 200 years, the only natural source of the alcohol ambrein has been coproliths produced in about 1% of sperm whales and in related jetsam. However, the finding of ambrein in adipocere/faeces of human corpses, ...
  • Occurrence and assemblage composition of intertidal non-native species may be influenced by shipping patterns and artificial structures 

    O'Shaughnessy, KA; Hawkins, SJ; Yunnie, ALE; Hanley, ME; Lunt, P; Thompson, RC; Firth, LB (Elsevier BV, 2020-05)
  • Long-term thermal sensitivity of Earth’s tropical forests 

    Sullivan, MJP; Lewis, SL; Affum-Baffoe, K; Castilho, C; Costa, F; Sanchez, AC; Ewango, CEN; Hubau, W; Marimon, B; Monteagudo-Mendoza, A; Qie, L; Sonké, B; Martinez, RV; Baker, TR; Brienen, RJW; Feldpausch, TR; Galbraith, D; Gloor, M; Malhi, Y; Aiba, S-I; Alexiades, MN; Almeida, EC; de Oliveira, EA; Dávila, EÁ; Loayza, PA; Andrade, A; Vieira, SA; Aragão, LEOC; Araujo-Murakami, A; Arets, EJMM; Arroyo, L; Ashton, P; Aymard C., G; Baccaro, FB; Banin, LF; Baraloto, C; Camargo, PB; Barlow, J; Barroso, J; Bastin, J-F; Batterman, SA; Beeckman, H; Begne, SK; Bennett, AC; Berenguer, E; Berry, N; Blanc, L; Boeckx, P; Bogaert, J; Bonal, D; Bongers, F; Bradford, M; Brearley, FQ; Brncic, T; Brown, F; Burban, B; Camargo, JL; Castro, W; Céron, C; Ribeiro, SC; Moscoso, VC; Chave, J; Chezeaux, E; Clark, CJ; de Souza, FC; Collins, M; Comiskey, JA; Valverde, FC; Medina, MC; da Costa, L; Dančák, M; Dargie, GC; Davies, S; Cardozo, ND; de Haulleville, T; de Medeiros, MB; del Aguila Pasquel, J; Derroire, G; Di Fiore, A; Doucet, J-L; Dourdain, A; Droissant, V; Duque, LF; Ekoungoulou, R; Elias, F; Erwin, T; Esquivel-Muelbert, A; Fauset, S; Ferreira, J; Llampazo, GF; Foli, E; Ford, A; Gilpin, M; Hall, JS; Hamer, KC; Hamilton, AC; Harris, DJ; Hart, TB; Hédl, R; Herault, B; Herrera, R; Higuchi, N; Hladik, A; Coronado, EH; Huamantupa-Chuquimaco, I; Huasco, WH; Jeffery, KJ; Jimenez-Rojas, E; Kalamandeen, M; Djuikouo, MNK; Kearsley, E; Umetsu, RK; Kho, LK; Killeen, T; Kitayama, K; Klitgaard, B; Koch, A; Labrière, N; Laurance, W; Laurance, S; Leal, ME; Levesley, A; Lima, AJN; Lisingo, J; Lopes, AP; Lopez-Gonzalez, G; Lovejoy, T; Lovett, JC; Lowe, R; Magnusson, WE; Malumbres-Olarte, J; Manzatto, ÂG; Marimon, BH; Marshall, AR; Marthews, T; de Almeida Reis, SM; Maycock, C; Melgaço, K; Mendoza, C; Metali, F; Mihindou, V; Milliken, W; Mitchard, ETA; Morandi, PS; Mossman, HL; Nagy, L; Nascimento, H; Neill, D; Nilus, R; Vargas, PN; Palacios, W; Camacho, NP; Peacock, J; Pendry, C; Peñuela Mora, MC; Pickavance, GC; Pipoly, J; Pitman, N; Playfair, M; Poorter, L; Poulsen, JR; Poulsen, AD; Preziosi, R; Prieto, A; Primack, RB; Ramírez-Angulo, H; Reitsma, J; Réjou-Méchain, M; Correa, ZR; de Sousa, TR; Bayona, LR; Roopsind, A; Rudas, A; Rutishauser, E; Abu Salim, K; Salomão, RP; Schietti, J; Sheil, D; Silva, RC; Espejo, JS; Valeria, CS; Silveira, M; Simo-Droissart, M; Simon, MF; Singh, J; Soto Shareva, YC; Stahl, C; Stropp, J; Sukri, R; Sunderland, T; Svátek, M; Swaine, MD; Swamy, V; Taedoumg, H; Talbot, J; Taplin, J; Taylor, D; ter Steege, H; Terborgh, J; Thomas, R; Thomas, SC; Torres-Lezama, A; Umunay, P; Gamarra, LV; van der Heijden, G; van der Hout, P; van der Meer, P; van Nieuwstadt, M; Verbeeck, H; Vernimmen, R; Vicentini, A; Vieira, ICG; Torre, EV; Vleminckx, J; Vos, V; Wang, O; White, LJT; Willcock, S; Woods, JT; Wortel, V; Young, K; Zagt, R; Zemagho, L; Zuidema, PA; Zwerts, JA; Phillips, OL (American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), 2020-05-22)
    <jats:p>The sensitivity of tropical forest carbon to climate is a key uncertainty in predicting global climate change. Although short-term drying and warming are known to affect forests, it is unknown if such effects ...
  • Photosynthetic quantum efficiency in south‐eastern Amazonian trees may be already affected by climate change 

    Tiwari, R; Gloor, E; Cruz, WJA; Schwantes Marimon, B; Marimon‐Junior, BH; Reis, SM; Souza, IA; Krause, HG; Slot, M; Winter, K; Ashley, D; Béu, RG; Borges, CS; Da Cunha, M; Fauset, S; Ferreira, LDS; Gonçalves, MDA; Lopes, TT; Marques, EQ; Mendonça, NG; Mendonça, NG; Noleto, PT; Oliveira, CHL; Oliveira, MA; Pireda, S; Santos Prestes, NCC; Santos, DM; Santos, EB; Silva, ELS; Souza, IA; Souza, LJ; Vitória, AP; Foyer, CH; Galbraith, D
  • Competition influences tree growth, but not mortality, across environmental gradients in Amazonia and tropical Africa 

    Rozendaal, DMA; Phillips, OL; Lewis, SL; Affum‐Baffoe, K; Alvarez-Davila, E; Andrade, A; Aragão, LEOC; Araujo‐Murakami, A; Baker, TR; Bánki, O; Brienen, RJW; Camargo, JLC; Comiskey, JA; Djuikouo Kamdem, MN; Fauset, S; Feldpausch, TR; Killeen, TJ; Laurance, WF; Laurance, SGW; Lovejoy, T; Malhi, Y; Marimon, BS; Marimon Junior, B; Marshall, AR; Neill, DA; Núñez Vargas, P; Pitman, NCA; Poorter, L; Reitsma, J; Silveira, M; Sonké, B; Sunderland, T; Taedoumg, H; Steege, H; Terborgh, JW; Umetsu, RK; Heijden, GMF; Vilanova, E; Vos, V; White, LJT; Willcock, S; Zemagho, L; Vanderwel, MC
  • Selectivity control in Pt-catalyzed cinnamaldehyde hydrogenation. 

    Durndell, LJ; Parlett, CMA; Hondow, NS; Isaacs, MA; Wilson, K; Lee, AF (England, 2015-03-24)
    Chemoselectivity is a cornerstone of catalysis, permitting the targeted modification of specific functional groups within complex starting materials. Here we elucidate key structural and electronic factors controlling the ...
  • Hydrodeoxygenation of anisole over Pt/Al‐SBA‐15: metal‐acid synergy 

    Shivhare, A; Hunns, JA; Durndell, LJ; Parlett, CMA; Isaacs, MA; Lee, AF; Wilson, K
  • Small shelly fossils and carbon isotopes from the early Cambrian (Stage 3-4) Mural Formation of western Laurentia 

    Skovsted, CB; Balthasar, U; Vinther, J; Sperling, EA
    The extraordinary window of phosphatised and phosphatic Small Shelly Fossils (SSFs) during the early and middle Cambrian is an important testament to the radiation of biomineralising metazoans. While SSF are well known ...

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