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  • Archaeological assessment reveals Earth’s early transformation through land use 

    Stephens, L; Fuller, D; Boivin, N; Rick, T; Gauthier, N; Kay, A; Marwick, B; Armstrong, CG; Barton, CM; Denham, T; Douglass, K; Driver, J; Janz, L; Roberts, P; Rogers, JD; Thakar, H; Altaweel, M; Johnson, AL; Sampietro Vattuone, MM; Aldenderfer, M; Archila, S; Artioli, G; Bale, MT; Beach, T; Borrell, F; Braje, T; Buckland, PI; Jiménez Cano, NG; Capriles, JM; Diez Castillo, A; Çilingiroğlu, Ç; Negus Cleary, M; Conolly, J; Coutros, PR; Covey, RA; Cremaschi, M; Crowther, A; Der, L; di Lernia, S; Doershuk, JF; Doolittle, WE; Edwards, KJ; Erlandson, JM; Evans, D; Fairbairn, A; Faulkner, P; Feinman, G; Fernandes, R; Fitzpatrick, SM; Fyfe, R; Garcea, E; Goldstein, S; Goodman, RC; Dalpoim Guedes, J; Herrmann, J; Hiscock, P; Hommel, P; Horsburgh, KA; Hritz, C; Ives, JW; Junno, A; Kahn, JG; Kaufman, B; Kearns, C; Kidder, TR; Lanoë, F; Lawrence, D; Lee, G-A; Levin, MJ; Lindskoug, HB; López-Sáez, JA; Macrae, S; Marchant, R; Marston, JM; McClure, S; McCoy, MD; Miller, AV; Morrison, M; Motuzaite Matuzeviciute, G; Müller, J; Nayak, A; Noerwidi, S; Peres, TM; Peterson, CE; Proctor, L; Randall, AR; Renette, S; Robbins Schug, G; Ryzewski, K; Saini, R; Scheinsohn, V; Schmidt, P; Sebillaud, P; Seitsonen, O; Simpson, IA; Sołtysiak, A; Speakman, RJ; Spengler, RN; Steffen, ML; Storozum, MJ; Strickland, KM; Thompson, J; Thurston, TL; Ulm, S; Ustunkaya, MC; Welker, MH; West, C; Williams, PR; Wright, DK; Wright, N; Zahir, M; Zerboni, A; Beaudoin, E; Munevar Garcia, S; Powell, J; Thornton, A; Kaplan, JO; Gaillard, M-J; Klein Goldewijk, K; Ellis, E (American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), 2019-08-30)
    <jats:p>Environmentally transformative human use of land accelerated with the emergence of agriculture, but the extent, trajectory, and implications of these early changes are not well understood. An empirical global ...
  • Constraining the Deforestation History of Europe: Evaluation of Historical Land Use Scenarios with Pollen-Based Land Cover Reconstructions 

    Kaplan, JO; Krumhardt, KM; Gaillard, M-J; Sugita, S; Trondman, A-K; Fyfe, RM; Marquer, L; Mazier, F; Nielsen, AB (2017-12-19)
  • Europe's lost forests: a pollen-based synthesis for the last 11,000 years 

    Roberts, N; Fyfe, RM; Woodbridge, J; Gaillard, M-J; Davis, BAS; Kaplan, JO; Marquer, L; Mazier, F; Nielsen, AB; Sugita, S; Trondman, A-K; Leydet, M (2018-01-15)
  • Quantifying the effects of land use and climate on Holocene vegetation in Europe 

    Marquer, L; Gaillard, M-J; Sugita, S; Poska, A; Trondman, A-K; Mazier, F; Nielsen, AB; Fyfe, RM; Jönsson, AM; Smith, B; Kaplan, JO; Alenius, T; Birks, HJB; Bjune, AE; Christiansen, J; Dodson, J; Edwards, KJ; Giesecke, T; Herzschuh, U; Kangur, M; Koff, T; Latałowa, M; Lechterbeck, J; Olofsson, J; Seppä, H (Elsevier, 2017-09-01)

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