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  • Acceptable Risk Analysis for Abrupt Environmental Pollution Accidents in Zhangjiakou City, China. 

    Du, X; Zhang, Z; Dong, L; Liu, J; Borthwick, AGL; Liu, R (Switzerland, 2017-04-20)
    Abrupt environmental pollution accidents cause considerable damage worldwide to the ecological environment, human health, and property. The concept of acceptable risk aims to answer whether or not a given environmental ...
  • Attention deployment during memorizing and executing complex instructions. 

    Apel, JK; Revie, GF; Cangelosi, A; Ellis, R; Goslin, J; Fischer, MH (Germany, 2011-10)
    We investigated the mental rehearsal of complex action instructions by recording spontaneous eye movements of healthy adults as they looked at objects on a monitor. Participants heard consecutive instructions, each of the ...
  • The effect of contextual cues on the encoding of motor memories. 

    Howard, IS; Wolpert, DM; Franklin, DW (United States, 2013-05)
    Several studies have shown that sensory contextual cues can reduce the interference observed during learning of opposing force fields. However, because each study examined a small set of cues, often in a unique paradigm, ...
  • Human-robot sensor interface for cardiac rehabilitation. 

    Lara, JS; Casas, J; Aguirre, A; Munera, M; Rincon-Roncancio, M; Irfan, B; Senft, E; Belpaeme, T; Cifuentes, CA (United States, 2017-07)
    Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death in the world. A program of cardiac rehabilitation (CR) is related to physical activities or exercises to regain the optimal quality of life. CR relies on the necessity ...
  • Motor contagion during human-human and human-robot interaction. 

    Bisio, A; Sciutti, A; Nori, F; Metta, G; Fadiga, L; Sandini, G; Pozzo, T (United States, 2014)
    Motor resonance mechanisms are known to affect humans' ability to interact with others, yielding the kind of "mutual understanding" that is the basis of social interaction. However, it remains unclear how the partner's ...
  • A neuroeconomics approach to inferring utility functions in sensorimotor control. 

    Körding, KP; Fukunaga, I; Howard, IS; Ingram, JN; Wolpert, DM (United States, 2004-10)
    Making choices is a fundamental aspect of human life. For over a century experimental economists have characterized the decisions people make based on the concept of a utility function. This function increases with ...
  • Overestimated crash risks of young and elderly drivers. 

    Rolison, JJ; Moutari, S; Hewson, PJ; Hellier, E (Netherlands, 2014-01)
    BACKGROUND: Young and elderly drivers are reported to have markedly greater crash rates than drivers of other ages, but they travel less frequently and represent a minority of road users. Consequently, many crashes involving ...
  • Risk of fatal injury in older adult drivers, passengers, and pedestrians. 

    Rolison, JJ; Hewson, PJ; Hellier, E; Husband, P (United States, 2012-08)
    OBJECTIVES: To compare risk of fatal injury in elderly road users (drivers, passengers, pedestrians) with that of younger age groups and to assess the contribution of elderly road users to the number of reported fatalities ...
  • Risks of high-powered motorcycles among younger adults. 

    Rolison, JJ; Hewson, PJ; Hellier, E; Hurst, L (United States, 2013-07-01)
    We assessed whether policies designed to safeguard young motorcyclists would be effective given shifts in ownership toward high-powered motorcycles.
  • The speed of learning instructed stimulus-response association rules in human: experimental data and model. 

    Bugmann, G; Goslin, J; Duchamp-Viret, P (Netherlands, 2013-11-06)
    Humans can learn associations between visual stimuli and motor responses from just a single instruction. This is known to be a fast process, but how fast is it? To answer this question, we asked participants to learn a ...
  • Tsallis entropy as a biomarker for detection of Alzheimer's disease. 

    Al-Nuaimi, AH; Jammeh, E; Sun, L; Ifeachor, E (United States, 2015)
    Alzheimer's disease (AD) and other forms of dementia are one of the major public health and social challenges of our time because of the large number of people affected. Early diagnosis is important for patients and their ...
  • Visual and linguistic cues to graspable objects. 

    Myachykov, A; Ellis, R; Cangelosi, A; Fischer, MH (Germany, 2013-09)
    Two experiments investigated (1) how activation of manual affordances is triggered by visual and linguistic cues to manipulable objects and (2) whether graspable object parts play a special role in this process. Participants ...

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