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  • Conceptual Design Report for the LUXE Experiment 

    Abramowicz, H; Acosta, UH; Altarelli, M; Assmann, R; Bai, Z; Behnke, T; Benhammou, Y; Blackburn, T; Boogert, S; Borysov, O; Borysova, M; Brinkmann, R; Bruschi, M; Burkart, F; Büßer, K; Cavanagh, N; Davidi, O; Decking, W; Dosselli, U; Elkina, N; Fedotov, A; Firlej, M; Fiutowski, T; Fleck, K; Gostkin, M; Grojean, C; Hallford, JA; Harsh, H; Hartin, A; Heinemann, B; Heinzl, T; Helary, L; Hoffmann, M; Huang, S; Huang, X; Idzik, M; Ilderton, A; Jacobs, RM; Kaempfer, B; King, B; Lakhno, H; Levanon, A; Levy, A; Levy, I; List, J; Lohmann, W; Ma, T; Macleod, AJ; Malka, V; Meloni, F; Mironov, A; Morandin, M; Moron, J; Negodin, E; Perez, G; Pomerantz, I; Poeschl, R; Prasad, R; Quere, F; Ringwald, A; Roedel, C; Rykovanov, S; Salgado, F; Santra, A; Sarri, G; Saevert, A; Sbrizzi, A; Schmitt, S; Schramm, U; Schuwalow, S; Seipt, D; Shaimerdenova, L; Shchedrolosiev, M; Skakunov, M; Soreq, Y; Streeter, M; Swientek, K; Hod, NT; Tang, S; Teter, T; Thoden, D; Titov, A; Tolbanov, O; Torgrimsson, G; Tyazhev, A; Wing, M; Zanetti, M; Zarubin, A; Zeil, K; Zepf, M; Zhemchukov, A (2021-02-03)
  • Experimental Evidence of Radiation Reaction in the Collision of a High-Intensity Laser Pulse with a Laser-Wakefield Accelerated Electron Beam 

    Cole, JM; Behm, KT; Gerstmayr, E; Blackburn, TG; Wood, JC; Baird, CD; Duff, MJ; Harvey, C; Ilderton, A; Joglekar, AS; Krushelnick, K; Kuschel, S; Marklund, M; McKenna, P; Murphy, CD; Poder, K; Ridgers, CP; Samarin, GM; Sarri, G; Symes, DR; Thomas, AGR; Warwick, J; Zepf, M; Najmudin, Z; Mangles, SPD
  • Letter of Intent for the LUXE Experiment 

    Abramowicz, H; Altarelli, M; Aßmann, R; Behnke, T; Benhammou, Y; Borysov, O; Borysova, M; Brinkmann, R; Burkart, F; Büßer, K; Davidi, O; Decking, W; Elkina, N; Harsh, H; Hartin, A; Hartl, I; Heinemann, B; Heinzl, T; TalHod, N; Hoffmann, M; Ilderton, A; King, B; Levy, A; List, J; Maier, AR; Negodin, E; Perez, G; Pomerantz, I; Ringwald, A; Rödel, C; Saimpert, M; Salgado, F; Sarri, G; Savoray, I; Teter, T; Wing, M; Zepf, M (2019-09-02)
    This Letter of Intent describes LUXE (Laser Und XFEL Experiment), an experiment that aims to use the high-quality and high-energy electron beam of the European XFEL and a powerful laser. The scientific objective of the ...
  • A spectrometer for ultrashort gamma-ray pulses with photon energies greater than 10 MeV. 

    Behm, KT; Cole, JM; Joglekar, AS; Gerstmayr, E; Wood, JC; Baird, CD; Blackburn, TG; Duff, M; Harvey, C; Ilderton, A; Kuschel, S; Mangles, SPD; Marklund, M; McKenna, P; Murphy, CD; Najmudin, Z; Poder, K; Ridgers, CP; Sarri, G; Samarin, GM; Symes, D; Warwick, J; Zepf, M; Krushelnick, K; Thomas, AGR (AIP Publishing, 2018-11)
    We present a design for a pixelated scintillator based gamma-ray spectrometer for non-linear inverse Compton scattering experiments. By colliding a laser wakefield accelerated electron beam with a tightly focused, intense ...

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