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  • Global patterns of interaction specialization in bird-flower networks 

    Zanata, TB; Dalsgaard, B; Passos, FC; Cotton, PA; Roper, JJ; Maruyama, PK; Fischer, E; Schleuning, M; Martín González, AM; Vizentin-Bugoni, J; Franklin, DC; Abrahamczyk, S; Alárcon, R; Araujo, AC; Araújo, FP; Azevedo-Junior, SMD; Baquero, AC; Böhning-Gaese, K; Carstensen, DW; Chupil, H; Coelho, AG; Faria, RR; Hořák, D; Ingversen, TT; Janeček, Š; Kohler, G; Lara, C; Las-Casas, FMG; Lopes, AV; Machado, AO; Machado, CG; Machado, IC; Maglianesi, MA; Malucelli, TS; Mohd-Azlan, J; Moura, AC; Oliveira, GM; Oliveira, PE; Ornelas, JF; Riegert, J; Rodrigues, LC; Rosero-Lasprilla, L; Rui, AM; Sazima, M; Schmid, B; Sedláček, O; Timmermann, A; Vollstädt, MGR; Wang, Z; Watts, S; Rahbek, C; Varassin, IG (2017-08)
  • High proportion of smaller ranged hummingbird species coincides with ecological specialization across the Americas. 

    Sonne, J; Martín González, AM; Maruyama, PK; Sandel, B; Vizentin-Bugoni, J; Schleuning, M; Abrahamczyk, S; Alarcón, R; Araujo, AC; Araújo, FP; Mendes de Azevedo, S; Baquero, AC; Cotton, PA; Ingversen, TT; Kohler, G; Lara, C; Guedes Las-Casas, FM; Machado, AO; Machado, CG; Maglianesi, MA; Moura, AC; Nogués-Bravo, D; Oliveira, GM; Oliveira, PE; Ornelas, JF; Rodrigues, LDC; Rosero-Lasprilla, L; Rui, AM; Sazima, M; Timmermann, A; Varassin, IG; Wang, Z; Watts, S; Fjeldså, J; Svenning, J-C; Rahbek, C; Dalsgaard, B (England, 2016-02-10)
    Ecological communities that experience stable climate conditions have been speculated to preserve more specialized interspecific associations and have higher proportions of smaller ranged species (SRS). Thus, areas with ...

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