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  • Model selection and efficiency testing for normalization of cDNA microarray 

    Futschik, M; Crompton, T (Springer Nature, 2004-07-30)
  • Endogenous human cytomegalovirus gB is presented efficiently by MHC class II molecules to CD4(+) CTL 

    Hegde, NR; Dunn, C; Lewinsohn, DM; Jarvis, MA; Nelson, JA; Johnson, DC (2005)
  • UniHI: an entry gate to the human protein interactome. 

    Chaurasia, G; Iqbal, Y; Hänig, C; Herzel, H; Wanker, EE; Futschik, ME (England, 2007-01)
    Systematic mapping of protein-protein interactions has become a central task of functional genomics. To map the human interactome, several strategies have recently been pursued. The generated interaction datasets are ...
  • Interleukin-10 inhibits osteoclastogenesis by reducing NFATc1 expression and preventing its translocation to the nucleus. 

    Evans, KE; Fox, SW (England, 2007-01-19)
    BACKGROUND: IL-10 has a potent inhibitory effect on osteoclastogenesis. In vitro and in vivo studies confirm the importance of this cytokine in bone metabolism, for instance IL-10-deficient mice develop the hallmarks of ...
  • Demonstration of in vivo transfer of doxycycline resistance mediated by a novel transposon. 

    Warburton, PJ; Palmer, RM; Munson, MA; Wade, WG (England, 2007-11)
    OBJECTIVES: The aim of this study was to investigate the transfer of bacterial doxycycline resistance between oral bacteria in subjects receiving systemic doxycycline for the treatment of periodontitis. PATIENTS AND ...
  • The regulation of SIRT2 function by cyclin-dependent kinases affects cell motility. 

    Pandithage, R; Lilischkis, R; Harting, K; Wolf, A; Jedamzik, B; Lüscher-Firzlaff, J; Vervoorts, J; Lasonder, E; Kremmer, E; Knöll, B; Lüscher, B (United States, 2008-03-10)
    Cyclin-dependent kinases (Cdks) fulfill key functions in many cellular processes, including cell cycle progression and cytoskeletal dynamics. A limited number of Cdk substrates have been identified with few demonstrated ...
  • Massive autophosphorylation of the Ser/Thr-rich domain controls protein kinase activity of TRPM6 and TRPM7. 

    Clark, K; Middelbeek, J; Morrice, NA; Figdor, CG; Lasonder, E; van Leeuwen, FN (United States, 2008-03-26)
    TRPM6 and TRPM7 are bifunctional proteins expressing a TRP channel fused to an atypical alpha-kinase domain. While the gating properties of TRPM6 and TRPM7 channels have been studied in detail, little is known about the ...
  • Energization-dependent endogenous activation of proton conductance in skeletal muscle mitochondria. 

    Parker, N; Affourtit, C; Vidal-Puig, A; Brand, MD (England, 2008-05-15)
    Leak of protons into the mitochondrial matrix during substrate oxidation partially uncouples electron transport from phosphorylation of ADP, but the functions and source of basal and inducible proton leak in vivo remain ...
  • The challenge of regulation in a minimal photoautotroph: non-coding RNAs in Prochlorococcus. 

    Steglich, C; Futschik, ME; Lindell, D; Voss, B; Chisholm, SW; Hess, WR (United States, 2008-08-29)
    Prochlorococcus, an extremely small cyanobacterium that is very abundant in the world's oceans, has a very streamlined genome. On average, these cells have about 2,000 genes and very few regulatory proteins. The limited ...
  • Proteomic profiling of Plasmodium sporozoite maturation identifies new proteins essential for parasite development and infectivity. 

    Lasonder, E; Janse, CJ; van Gemert, G-J; Mair, GR; Vermunt, AMW; Douradinha, BG; van Noort, V; Huynen, MA; Luty, AJF; Kroeze, H; Khan, SM; Sauerwein, RW; Waters, AP; Mann, M; Stunnenberg, HG (United States, 2008-10)
    Plasmodium falciparum sporozoites that develop and mature inside an Anopheles mosquito initiate a malaria infection in humans. Here we report the first proteomic comparison of different parasite stages from the mosquito ...
  • Key role of splenic myeloid DCs in the IFN-alphabeta response to adenoviruses in vivo. 

    Fejer, G; Drechsel, L; Liese, J; Schleicher, U; Ruzsics, Z; Imelli, N; Greber, UF; Keck, S; Hildenbrand, B; Krug, A; Bogdan, C; Freudenberg, MA (United States, 2008-11)
    The early systemic production of interferon (IFN)-alphabeta is an essential component of the antiviral host defense mechanisms, but is also thought to contribute to the toxic side effects accompanying gene therapy with ...
  • Choreography of the transcriptome, photophysiology, and cell cycle of a minimal photoautotroph, prochlorococcus. 

    Zinser, ER; Lindell, D; Johnson, ZI; Futschik, ME; Steglich, C; Coleman, ML; Wright, MA; Rector, T; Steen, R; McNulty, N; Thompson, LR; Chisholm, SW (United States, 2009)
    The marine cyanobacterium Prochlorococcus MED4 has the smallest genome and cell size of all known photosynthetic organisms. Like all phototrophs at temperate latitudes, it experiences predictable daily variation in available ...
  • Effector memory T cell responses are associated with protection of rhesus monkeys from mucosal simian immunodeficiency virus challenge 

    Hansen, SG; Vieville, C; Whizin, N; Coyne-Johnson, L; Siess, DC; Drummond, DD; Legasse, AW; Axthelm, MK; Oswald, K; Trubey, CM; Piatak, M; Lifson, JD; Nelson, JA; Jarvis, MA; Picker, LJ (2009)
  • UniHI 4: new tools for query, analysis and visualization of the human protein-protein interactome. 

    Chaurasia, G; Malhotra, S; Russ, J; Schnoegl, S; Hänig, C; Wanker, EE; Futschik, ME (England, 2009-01)
    Human protein interaction maps have become important tools of biomedical research for the elucidation of molecular mechanisms and the identification of new modulators of disease processes. The Unified Human Interactome ...
  • A novel Cre recombinase imaging system for tracking lymphotropic virus infection in vivo. 

    Dutia, BM; Reid, SJ; Drummond, DD; Ligertwood, Y; Bennet, I; Rietberg, W; Silvia, O; Jarvis, MA; Nash, AA (United States, 2009-08-04)
    BACKGROUND: Detection, isolation, and identification of individual virus infected cells during long term infection are critical to advance our understanding of mechanisms of pathogenesis for latent/persistent viruses. ...
  • 4.1R-deficient human red blood cells have altered phosphatidylserine exposure pathways and are deficient in CD44 and CD47 glycoproteins. 

    Jeremy, KP; Plummer, ZE; Head, DJ; Madgett, TE; Sanders, KL; Wallington, A; Storry, JR; Gilsanz, F; Delaunay, J; Avent, ND (Italy, 2009-10)
    BACKGROUND: Protein 4.1R is an important component of the red cell membrane skeleton. It imparts structural integrity and has transmembrane signaling roles by direct interactions with transmembrane proteins and other ...
  • Endotoxin emissions from commercial composting activities. 

    Deacon, L; Pankhurst, L; Liu, J; Drew, GH; Hayes, ET; Jackson, S; Longhurst, J; Longhurst, P; Pollard, S; Tyrrel, S (England, 2009-12-21)
    This paper describes an exploratory study of endotoxin emissions and dispersal from a commercial composting facility. Replicated samples of air were taken by filtration at different locations around the facility on 10 ...
  • Short RNA half-lives in the slow-growing marine cyanobacterium Prochlorococcus. 

    Steglich, C; Lindell, D; Futschik, M; Rector, T; Steen, R; Chisholm, SW (England, 2010)
    BACKGROUND: RNA turnover plays an important role in the gene regulation of microorganisms and influences their speed of acclimation to environmental changes. We investigated whole-genome RNA stability of Prochlorococcus, ...
  • Universal features of post-transcriptional gene regulation are critical for Plasmodium zygote development. 

    Mair, GR; Lasonder, E; Garver, LS; Franke-Fayard, BMD; Carret, CK; Wiegant, JCAG; Dirks, RW; Dimopoulos, G; Janse, CJ; Waters, AP (United States, 2010-02-12)
    A universal feature of metazoan sexual development is the generation of oocyte P granules that withhold certain mRNA species from translation to provide coding potential for proteins during early post-fertilization ...
  • Genome-wide association study of CNVs in 16,000 cases of eight common diseases and 3,000 shared controls. 

    Wellcome Trust Case Control Consortium; Craddock, N; Hurles, ME; Cardin, N; Pearson, RD; Plagnol, V; Robson, S; Vukcevic, D; Barnes, C; Conrad, DF; Giannoulatou, E; Holmes, C; Marchini, JL; Stirrups, K; Tobin, MD; Wain, LV; Yau, C; Aerts, J; Ahmad, T; Andrews, TD; Arbury, H; Attwood, A; Auton, A; Ball, SG; Balmforth, AJ; Barrett, JC; Barroso, I; Barton, A; Bennett, AJ; Bhaskar, S; Blaszczyk, K; Bowes, J; Brand, OJ; Braund, PS; Bredin, F; Breen, G; Brown, MJ; Bruce, IN; Bull, J; Burren, OS; Burton, J; Byrnes, J; Caesar, S; Clee, CM; Coffey, AJ; Connell, JMC; Cooper, JD; Dominiczak, AF; Downes, K; Drummond, HE; Dudakia, D; Dunham, A; Ebbs, B; Eccles, D; Edkins, S; Edwards, C; Elliot, A; Emery, P; Evans, DM; Evans, G; Eyre, S; Farmer, A; Ferrier, IN; Feuk, L; Fitzgerald, T; Flynn, E; Forbes, A; Forty, L; Franklyn, JA; Freathy, RM; Gibbs, P; Gilbert, P; Gokumen, O; Gordon-Smith, K; Gray, E; Green, E; Groves, CJ; Grozeva, D; Gwilliam, R; Hall, A; Hammond, N; Hardy, M; Harrison, P; Hassanali, N; Hebaishi, H; Hines, S; Hinks, A; Hitman, GA; Hocking, L; Howard, E; Howard, P; Howson, JMM; Hughes, D; Hunt, S; Isaacs, JD; Jain, M; Jewell, DP; Johnson, T; Jolley, JD; Jones, IR; Jones, LA; Kirov, G; Langford, CF; Lango-Allen, H; Lathrop, GM; Lee, J; Lee, KL; Lees, C; Lewis, K; Lindgren, CM; Maisuria-Armer, M; Maller, J; Mansfield, J; Martin, P; Massey, DCO; McArdle, WL; McGuffin, P; McLay, KE; Mentzer, A; Mimmack, ML; Morgan, AE; Morris, AP; Mowat, C; Myers, S; Newman, W; Nimmo, ER; O'Donovan, MC; Onipinla, A; Onyiah, I; Ovington, NR; Owen, MJ; Palin, K; Parnell, K; Pernet, D; Perry, JRB; Phillips, A; Pinto, D; Prescott, NJ; Prokopenko, I; Quail, MA; Rafelt, S; Rayner, NW; Redon, R; Reid, DM; Renwick; Ring, SM; Robertson, N; Russell, E; St Clair, D; Sambrook, JG; Sanderson, JD; Schuilenburg, H; Scott, CE; Scott, R; Seal, S; Shaw-Hawkins, S; Shields, BM; Simmonds, MJ; Smyth, DJ; Somaskantharajah, E; Spanova, K; Steer, S; Stephens, J; Stevens, HE; Stone, MA; Su, Z; Symmons, DPM; Thompson, JR; Thomson, W; Travers, ME; Turnbull, C; Valsesia, A; Walker, M; Walker, NM; Wallace, C; Warren-Perry, M; Watkins, NA; Webster, J; Weedon, MN; Wilson, AG; Woodburn, M; Wordsworth, BP; Young, AH; Zeggini, E; Carter, NP; Frayling, TM; Lee, C; McVean, G; Munroe, PB; Palotie, A; Sawcer, SJ; Scherer, SW; Strachan, DP; Tyler-Smith, C; Brown, MA; Burton, PR; Caulfield, MJ; Compston, A; Farrall, M; Gough, SCL; Hall, AS; Hattersley, AT; Hill, AVS; Mathew, CG; Pembrey, M; Satsangi, J; Stratton, MR; Worthington, J; Deloukas, P; Duncanson, A; Kwiatkowski, DP; McCarthy, MI; Ouwehand, W; Parkes, M; Rahman, N; Todd, JA; Samani, NJ; Donnelly, P (England, 2010-04-01)
    Copy number variants (CNVs) account for a major proportion of human genetic polymorphism and have been predicted to have an important role in genetic susceptibility to common disease. To address this we undertook a large, ...

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