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  • Anthropology Of, For, And With Design: A Philippine Perspective 

    Maranan, DS; Cajilig, P (Ugnayang Pang-Aghamtao/The Anthropological Association of the PhilippinesPhilippines, 2014-11-01)
    The intersection of the fields of design and anthropology emerges as fertile ground for study as societies increasingly acknowledge the tremendous impact the objects we create for ourselves have on our lives. As anthropologists ...
  • Biomodd [LDNw] 

    Maranan, DS; Vermeulen, AJ; Steyaert, P; Biomodd London Chapter
    Biomodd [LDNw] was a 4-day Biomodd workshop held at Create Space London (Chesterfield House), UK, from 24 July 2015 until 27 July 2015. It was co-facilitated by Angelo Vermeulen, Diego Maranan, and Pieter Steyaert; produced ...
  • Biomodd: Exploring Relationships Between Biological, Electronic, And Social Systems Through New Media Art 

    Maranan, DS; Librero, AD (Seville, Spain, 2014-11-17)
    Biomodd is a collaborative new media art project that explores the symbiosis between biological, electronic, and social systems. The project started in 2007 in the United States, and has since spawned multiple versions ...
  • Bisensorial: A brain-computer interface hack using tactile and auditory stimuli 

    Maranan, DS; Haines, A; Fletcher, JM; Clarke, S (2016-07-07)
    Bisensorial is a prototype that was developed at Hack the Brain 2016 (, a three-day hackathon in Amsterdam based on the theme of ‘hacking one's self better (or worse)’. BISENSORIAL was a fully working ...
  • Divergent Thinking In Disaster: Examples from Typhoon Haiyan Survivors 

    Cajilig, P; Maranan, DS (Off the Lip 2015, Plymouth University, UK, 2015-09-09)
    In this presentation, delivered at Off the Lip 2015 at Plymouth University, we shared some of the ethnographic research on the creative and cognitive work needed to survive the high-stakes, high-stress, and emotionally ...
  • From Within to Between 

    Maranan, DS (Plymouth University, UK, 2015-10-16)
    Somaesthetics is an approach advanced by Richard Shusterman (2000, 2006, 2008) in which bodily experience plays the central role in aesthetic appreciation, production, and analysis. Somaesthetics draws from a variety of ...
  • Grau 

    Maranan, DS (2015-09-23)
    Looking at Richter¹s Spiegel, Grau [Mirror Painting (Grey)] was like peering into a portal, on the other side of which was a more sombre, more unstable version of reality. It provoked me towards a kind of nostalgia, a ...
  • HAPLÓS/Bisensorial EXHIBIT: A Speculative, Adaptive, and Wearable Technology for Inducing Mental States Using Touch 

    Maranan, DS; Haines, A; Fletcher, J; Clarke, S; Jansen, K; Mutuberria, R
    How might cognitive wellness and therapeutic practices look in the future? Can mental discord be treated autonomously? Given that people are different and will therefore need different interventions, how can autonomous ...
  • Navigating cognitive innovation 

    Kristensen, MS; Loesche, F; Maranan, DS (2017-01-01)
    This paper revisits the concept of Cognitive Innovation with the aim of helping newcomers appreciate its (intended) demarcating purpose and relevance to the wider literature on cognition and creativity in the humanities, ...
  • (Not so) dangerous liaisons: A framework for evaluating collaborative research projects 

    Oztop, P; Loesche, F; Maranan, DS; Francis, KB; Tyagi, V; Torre, I (2017-11-21)
    © 2017, Centre for Philosophical Research. With advances in research environments and the accompanying increase in the complexity of research projects, the range of skills required to carry out research calls for an ...
  • Our gift to all of Us: GA(Y)AM: Preface 

    Loesche, F; Łucznik, K; Denham, SL; Drayson, H; Francis, KB; Maranan, DS; Punt, M (2017-01-01)
  • Speculative somatics 

    Maranan, DS (IntellectUnited Kingdom, 2015-12-01)
    Based on a presentation at The Undivided Mind conference at Plymouth University, this article sketches out speculative applications of somatics, the first person, phenomenological study of sensation, perception and movement. ...
  • When Ideas Migrate: A Postcolonial Perspective on Biomodd [LBA2] 

    Maranan, DS; Vermeulen, ACJ (Vancouver, BC, 2015-08-14)
    Biomodd is a global series of art installations in which computer technology and ecology converge. Computer networks built from upcycled computer components are provided with living internal ecosystems. In a symbiotic ...
  • Why I'm Making Vibrating Underwear 

    Maranan, DS (Conway Hall, London, UK, 2016-09-15)
    A 7-minute presentation given at Interesting 2016, a popular event that has been organised annually in London since 2007. The Interesting series is a light-hearted but also critical response to the TED conference and to ...

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