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  • Achieving valid patient-reported outcomes measurement: a lesson from fatigue in multiple sclerosis. 

    Hobart, J; Cano, S; Baron, R; Thompson, A; Schwid, S; Zajicek, J; Andrich, D (England, 2013-11)
    BACKGROUND: The increasing influence of patient-reported outcome (PRO) measurement instruments indicates their scrutiny has never been more crucial. Above all, PRO instruments should be valid: shown to assess what they ...
  • A "candidate-interactome" aggregate analysis of genome-wide association data in multiple sclerosis. 

    Mechelli, R; Umeton, R; Policano, C; Annibali, V; Coarelli, G; Ricigliano, VAG; Vittori, D; Fornasiero, A; Buscarinu, MC; International Multiple Sclerosis Genetics Consortium; Wellcome Trust Case Control Consortium,2; Romano, S; Salvetti, M; Ristori, G (United States, 2013)
    Though difficult, the study of gene-environment interactions in multifactorial diseases is crucial for interpreting the relevance of non-heritable factors and prevents from overlooking genetic associations with small but ...
  • The feasibility of collecting information from people with Multiple Sclerosis for the UK MS Register via a web portal: characterising a cohort of people with MS. 

    Ford, DV; Jones, KH; Middleton, RM; Lockhart-Jones, H; Maramba, ID; Noble, GJ; Osborne, LA; Lyons, RA (England, 2012-07-18)
    BACKGROUND: A UK Register of people with Multiple Sclerosis has been developed to address the need for an increased knowledge-base about MS. The Register is being populated via: a web-based portal; NHS neurology clinical ...
  • Genetic risk and a primary role for cell-mediated immune mechanisms in multiple sclerosis. 

    International Multiple Sclerosis Genetics Consortium; Wellcome Trust Case Control Consortium 2; Sawcer, S; Hellenthal, G; Pirinen, M; Spencer, CCA; Patsopoulos, NA; Moutsianas, L; Dilthey, A; Su, Z; Freeman, C; Hunt, SE; Edkins, S; Gray, E; Booth, DR; Potter, SC; Goris, A; Band, G; Oturai, AB; Strange, A; Saarela, J; Bellenguez, C; Fontaine, B; Gillman, M; Hemmer, B; Gwilliam, R; Zipp, F; Jayakumar, A; Martin, R; Leslie, S; Hawkins, S; Giannoulatou, E; D'alfonso, S; Blackburn, H; Martinelli Boneschi, F; Liddle, J; Harbo, HF; Perez, ML; Spurkland, A; Waller, MJ; Mycko, MP; Ricketts, M; Comabella, M; Hammond, N; Kockum, I; McCann, OT; Ban, M; Whittaker, P; Kemppinen, A; Weston, P; Hawkins, C; Widaa, S; Zajicek, J; Dronov, S; Robertson, N; Bumpstead, SJ; Barcellos, LF; Ravindrarajah, R; Abraham, R; Alfredsson, L; Ardlie, K; Aubin, C; Baker, A; Baker, K; Baranzini, SE; Bergamaschi, L; Bergamaschi, R; Bernstein, A; Berthele, A; Boggild, M; Bradfield, JP; Brassat, D; Broadley, SA; Buck, D; Butzkueven, H; Capra, R; Carroll, WM; Cavalla, P; Celius, EG; Cepok, S; Chiavacci, R; Clerget-Darpoux, F; Clysters, K; Comi, G; Cossburn, M; Cournu-Rebeix, I; Cox, MB; Cozen, W; Cree, BAC; Cross, AH; Cusi, D; Daly, MJ; Davis, E; de Bakker, PIW; Debouverie, M; D'hooghe, MB; Dixon, K; Dobosi, R; Dubois, B; Ellinghaus, D; Elovaara, I; Esposito, F; Fontenille, C; Foote, S; Franke, A; Galimberti, D; Ghezzi, A; Glessner, J; Gomez, R; Gout, O; Graham, C; Grant, SFA; Guerini, FR; Hakonarson, H; Hall, P; Hamsten, A; Hartung, H-P; Heard, RN; Heath, S; Hobart, J; Hoshi, M; Infante-Duarte, C; Ingram, G; Ingram, W; Islam, T; Jagodic, M; Kabesch, M; Kermode, AG; Kilpatrick, TJ; Kim, C; Klopp, N; Koivisto, K; Larsson, M; Lathrop, M; Lechner-Scott, JS; Leone, MA; Leppä, V; Liljedahl, U; Bomfim, IL; Lincoln, RR; Link, J; Liu, J; Lorentzen, AR; Lupoli, S; Macciardi, F; Mack, T; Marriott, M; Martinelli, V; Mason, D; McCauley, JL; Mentch, F; Mero, I-L; Mihalova, T; Montalban, X; Mottershead, J; Myhr, K-M; Naldi, P; Ollier, W; Page, A; Palotie, A; Pelletier, J; Piccio, L; Pickersgill, T; Piehl, F; Pobywajlo, S; Quach, HL; Ramsay, PP; Reunanen, M; Reynolds, R; Rioux, JD; Rodegher, M; Roesner, S; Rubio, JP; Rückert, I-M; Salvetti, M; Salvi, E; Santaniello, A; Schaefer, CA; Schreiber, S; Schulze, C; Scott, RJ; Sellebjerg, F; Selmaj, KW; Sexton, D; Shen, L; Simms-Acuna, B; Skidmore, S; Sleiman, PMA; Smestad, C; Sørensen, PS; Søndergaard, HB; Stankovich, J; Strange, RC; Sulonen, A-M; Sundqvist, E; Syvänen, A-C; Taddeo, F; Taylor, B; Blackwell, JM; Tienari, P; Bramon, E; Tourbah, A; Brown, MA; Tronczynska, E; Casas, JP; Tubridy, N; Corvin, A; Vickery, J; Jankowski, J; Villoslada, P; Markus, HS; Wang, K; Mathew, CG; Wason, J; Palmer, CNA; Wichmann, H-E; Plomin, R; Willoughby, E; Rautanen, A; Winkelmann, J; Wittig, M; Trembath, RC; Yaouanq, J; Viswanathan, AC; Zhang, H; Wood, NW; Zuvich, R; Deloukas, P; Langford, C; Duncanson, A; Oksenberg, JR; Pericak-Vance, MA; Haines, JL; Olsson, T; Hillert, J; Ivinson, AJ; De Jager, PL; Peltonen, L; Stewart, GJ; Hafler, DA; Hauser, SL; McVean, G; Donnelly, P; Compston, A (England, 2011-08-10)
    Multiple sclerosis is a common disease of the central nervous system in which the interplay between inflammatory and neurodegenerative processes typically results in intermittent neurological disturbance followed by ...
  • Measuring treatment satisfaction in MS: Is the Treatment Satisfaction Questionnaire for Medication fit for purpose? 

    Vermersch, P; Hobart, J; Dive-Pouletty, C; Bozzi, S; Hass, S; Coyle, PK (England, 2017-04)
    BACKGROUND: The Treatment Satisfaction Questionnaire for Medication (TSQM) was designed to assess patient treatment satisfaction in chronic diseases. Its performance has not been examined in multiple sclerosis (MS). The ...
  • Patient-orientated longitudinal study of multiple sclerosis in south west England (The South West Impact of Multiple Sclerosis Project, SWIMS) 1: protocol and baseline characteristics of cohort. 

    Zajicek, JP; Ingram, WM; Vickery, J; Creanor, S; Wright, DE; Hobart, JC (England, 2010-10-07)
    BACKGROUND: There is a need for greater understanding of the impact of multiple sclerosis (MS) from the perspective of individuals with the condition. The South West Impact of MS Project (SWIMS) has been designed to improve ...
  • The size of the treatment effect: do patients and proxies agree? 

    van der Linden, FAH; Kragt, JJ; Hobart, JC; Klein, M; Thompson, AJ; van der Ploeg, HM; Polman, CH; Uitdehaag, BMJ (England, 2009-03-25)
    BACKGROUND: This study examined whether MS patients and proxy respondents agreed on change in disease impact, which was induced by treatment. This may be of interest in situations when patients suffer from limitations ...

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