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  • Gastrostomy in patients with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ProGas): a prospective cohort study. 

    ProGas Study Group (England, 2015-07)
    BACKGROUND: Gastrostomy feeding is commonly used to support patients with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis who develop severe dysphagia. Although recommended by both the American Academy of Neurology and the European Federation ...
  • Gender differences in the prevalence and clustering of multiple health risk behaviours in young adults 

    Kritsotakis, G; Psarrou, M; Vassilaki, M; Androulaki, Z; Philalithis, AE (2016-09)
  • Gender incongruence in children, adolescents and adults 

    Bewley, S; Clifford, D; McCartney, M; Byng, R (Royal College of General Practitioners, 2019-04)
  • Gender-questioning children deserve better science. 

    Byng, R; Bewley, S; Clifford, D; McCartney, M (England, 2018-12-08)
  • Gene expression analysis in human breast cancer associated blood vessels. 

    Jones, DT; Lechertier, T; Mitter, R; Herbert, JMJ; Bicknell, R; Jones, JL; Li, J-L; Buffa, F; Harris, AL; Hodivala-Dilke, K (United States, 2012)
    Angiogenesis is essential for solid tumour growth, whilst the molecular profiles of tumour blood vessels have been reported to be different between cancer types. Although presently available anti-angiogenic strategies are ...
  • Gene expression profiling in bladder cancer identifies potential therapeutic targets 

    Hussain, S; Palmer, D; Syn, W-K; Sacco, J; Greensmith, R; Elmetwali, T; Aachi, V; Lloyd, B; Jithesh, P; Arrand, J; Barton, D; Ansari, J; Sibson, D; James, N (2017-03-02)
  • A generalized equilibrium model for predicting daily to interannual shoreline response 

    Splinter, KD; Turner, IL; Davidson, MA; Barnard, P; Castelle, B; Oltman-Shay, J (2014-01-01)
    © 2014. American Geophysical Union. All Rights Reserved. Coastal zone management requires the ability to predict coastline response to storms and longer-term seasonal to interannual variability in regional wave climate. ...
  • A generalized method for transfecting root epidermis uncovers endosomal dynamics in Arabidopsis root hairs. 

    Campanoni, P; Sutter, JU; Davis, CS; Littlejohn, GR; Blatt, MR (England, 2007-07)
    Progress in analysing the cellular functions of many structural proteins has accelerated through the use of confocal microscopy together with transient gene expression. Several methods for transient expression have been ...
  • A genetic algorithm based nonlinear guidance and control system for an uninhabited surface vehicle 

    Sharma, SK; Sutton, R (2013-04-01)
    There is an increasing drive to develop uninhabited surface vehicles (USV) as cost effective solutions to a number of naval and civilian problems. In part, the resolution of these problems relies upon such vehicles ...
  • Genetic algorithms for local controller network construction 

    Sharma, SK; McLoone, SF; Irwin, GW (2005-01-01)
  • Genetic risk and a primary role for cell-mediated immune mechanisms in multiple sclerosis. 

    International Multiple Sclerosis Genetics Consortium; Wellcome Trust Case Control Consortium 2; Sawcer, S; Hellenthal, G; Pirinen, M; Spencer, CCA; Patsopoulos, NA; Moutsianas, L; Dilthey, A; Su, Z; Freeman, C; Hunt, SE; Edkins, S; Gray, E; Booth, DR; Potter, SC; Goris, A; Band, G; Oturai, AB; Strange, A; Saarela, J; Bellenguez, C; Fontaine, B; Gillman, M; Hemmer, B; Gwilliam, R; Zipp, F; Jayakumar, A; Martin, R; Leslie, S; Hawkins, S; Giannoulatou, E; D'alfonso, S; Blackburn, H; Martinelli Boneschi, F; Liddle, J; Harbo, HF; Perez, ML; Spurkland, A; Waller, MJ; Mycko, MP; Ricketts, M; Comabella, M; Hammond, N; Kockum, I; McCann, OT; Ban, M; Whittaker, P; Kemppinen, A; Weston, P; Hawkins, C; Widaa, S; Zajicek, J; Dronov, S; Robertson, N; Bumpstead, SJ; Barcellos, LF; Ravindrarajah, R; Abraham, R; Alfredsson, L; Ardlie, K; Aubin, C; Baker, A; Baker, K; Baranzini, SE; Bergamaschi, L; Bergamaschi, R; Bernstein, A; Berthele, A; Boggild, M; Bradfield, JP; Brassat, D; Broadley, SA; Buck, D; Butzkueven, H; Capra, R; Carroll, WM; Cavalla, P; Celius, EG; Cepok, S; Chiavacci, R; Clerget-Darpoux, F; Clysters, K; Comi, G; Cossburn, M; Cournu-Rebeix, I; Cox, MB; Cozen, W; Cree, BAC; Cross, AH; Cusi, D; Daly, MJ; Davis, E; de Bakker, PIW; Debouverie, M; D'hooghe, MB; Dixon, K; Dobosi, R; Dubois, B; Ellinghaus, D; Elovaara, I; Esposito, F; Fontenille, C; Foote, S; Franke, A; Galimberti, D; Ghezzi, A; Glessner, J; Gomez, R; Gout, O; Graham, C; Grant, SFA; Guerini, FR; Hakonarson, H; Hall, P; Hamsten, A; Hartung, H-P; Heard, RN; Heath, S; Hobart, J; Hoshi, M; Infante-Duarte, C; Ingram, G; Ingram, W; Islam, T; Jagodic, M; Kabesch, M; Kermode, AG; Kilpatrick, TJ; Kim, C; Klopp, N; Koivisto, K; Larsson, M; Lathrop, M; Lechner-Scott, JS; Leone, MA; Leppä, V; Liljedahl, U; Bomfim, IL; Lincoln, RR; Link, J; Liu, J; Lorentzen, AR; Lupoli, S; Macciardi, F; Mack, T; Marriott, M; Martinelli, V; Mason, D; McCauley, JL; Mentch, F; Mero, I-L; Mihalova, T; Montalban, X; Mottershead, J; Myhr, K-M; Naldi, P; Ollier, W; Page, A; Palotie, A; Pelletier, J; Piccio, L; Pickersgill, T; Piehl, F; Pobywajlo, S; Quach, HL; Ramsay, PP; Reunanen, M; Reynolds, R; Rioux, JD; Rodegher, M; Roesner, S; Rubio, JP; Rückert, I-M; Salvetti, M; Salvi, E; Santaniello, A; Schaefer, CA; Schreiber, S; Schulze, C; Scott, RJ; Sellebjerg, F; Selmaj, KW; Sexton, D; Shen, L; Simms-Acuna, B; Skidmore, S; Sleiman, PMA; Smestad, C; Sørensen, PS; Søndergaard, HB; Stankovich, J; Strange, RC; Sulonen, A-M; Sundqvist, E; Syvänen, A-C; Taddeo, F; Taylor, B; Blackwell, JM; Tienari, P; Bramon, E; Tourbah, A; Brown, MA; Tronczynska, E; Casas, JP; Tubridy, N; Corvin, A; Vickery, J; Jankowski, J; Villoslada, P; Markus, HS; Wang, K; Mathew, CG; Wason, J; Palmer, CNA; Wichmann, H-E; Plomin, R; Willoughby, E; Rautanen, A; Winkelmann, J; Wittig, M; Trembath, RC; Yaouanq, J; Viswanathan, AC; Zhang, H; Wood, NW; Zuvich, R; Deloukas, P; Langford, C; Duncanson, A; Oksenberg, JR; Pericak-Vance, MA; Haines, JL; Olsson, T; Hillert, J; Ivinson, AJ; De Jager, PL; Peltonen, L; Stewart, GJ; Hafler, DA; Hauser, SL; McVean, G; Donnelly, P; Compston, A (England, 2011-08-10)
    Multiple sclerosis is a common disease of the central nervous system in which the interplay between inflammatory and neurodegenerative processes typically results in intermittent neurological disturbance followed by ...
  • Genetic, ecological, behavioral and geographic differentiation of populations in a thistle weevil: implications for speciation and biocontrol. 

    Olivieri, I; Singer, MC; Magalhães, S; Courtiol, A; Dubois, Y; Carbonell, D; Justy, F; Beldade, P; Parmesan, C; Michalakis, Y (England, 2008-02)
    Because weevils are used as biocontrol agents against thistles, it is important to document and understand host shifts and the evolution of host-specificity in these insects. Furthermore, such host shifts are of fundamental ...
  • Geographic distribution at subspecies resolution level: closely related Rhodopirellula species in European coastal sediments. 

    Žure, M; Fernandez-Guerra, A; Munn, CB; Harder, J (EnglandEnglandEngland, 2017-02)
    Members of the marine genus Rhodopirellula are attached living bacteria and studies based on cultured Rhodopirellula strains suggested that three closely related species R. baltica, 'R. europaea' and 'R. islandica' have ...
  • Geographic distribution at subspecies resolution level: closely related Rhodopirellula species in European coastal sediments. 

    Žure, M; Fernandez-Guerra, A; Munn, CB; Harder, J (EnglandEnglandEnglandEngland, 2017-02)
    Members of the marine genus Rhodopirellula are attached living bacteria and studies based on cultured Rhodopirellula strains suggested that three closely related species R. baltica, 'R. europaea' and 'R. islandica' have ...
  • The geographies of UK university halls of residence: examining students' embodiment of social capital 

    Holton, MJW (2016-01-01)
    Recent investigations into ‘student geographies’ have recognised the complex ways in which students from different backgrounds go about ‘fitting in’ among their peers within universitymanaged accommodation. Halls have ...
  • Geography and Post-phenomenology 

    Ash, J; Simpson, P (2016)
  • Geoheritage, a National Inventory in France 

    de Wever, P; Page, KN; Alterio, I; Egoroff, G; Cornee, A; Bobrowsky, P; Collin, G; Duranthon, F; Hill, W; Lalanne, A (2015-08-19)
  • Get Ready for an Idea: A Brief Comparison of Existing Techniques to Support Cognitive Innovation 

    Loesche, Frank (Plymouth University, CogNovo and Transtechnology ResearchPlymouth, Devon, UK, 2015-09-07)
    Nowadays professional success and personal satisfaction can be greatly improved by innovations. To actually compare research results a number of tests have been developed over the past 65 years, which presumably measure traits ...

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