The foraminiferal fauna recorded from the Amager Greensand, Amager Limestone and Bavnodde Greensand formations of Bornholm, Denmark are described herein. These formations range in age from Early Albian to Middle Santonian. The succession contains major breaks in deposition. A new foraminiferal biozonal scheme is presented, comprising six local assemblage biozones. These are compared to foraminiferal zonal schemes proposed for other areas of Northwest Europe. This data is then integrated with published data from macrofossil groups. Palaeoecological data is presented utilising foraminiferal group composition through the succession. An event synthesis is proposed for the study interval combining palaeoecology, biostratigraphy, lithostratigraphy and basin events. Transgressive phases are recognised in the Early Albian, Early Cenomanian and Late Cenomanian-Early Turonian. The Coniacian interval overall shows stable outer shelf water depths, whilst the Late Coniacian-Santonian is probably characterised by an initial phase of increasing water depth followed by a probably tectonically influenced water depth reduction.

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