Hsu Hua-Zhi


The shipborne Automatic Identification System (AIS) supports its end-users with independent traffic information that is in addition to the information available from RADAR and visual lookout. AIS is able to provide similar traffic information to RADAR, however, RADAR is a standalone device whereas AIS relies on the data contributed by other AIS equipped targets. AIS has been mandatory bridge equipment onboard SOLAS ships since July 2004 and as a relatively new bridge system, a consensus among deck officers as to its effectiveness has yet to be reached. The potential of AIS to be a significant aid to bridge lookout necessitated the undertaking of this investigation. The research examined the performance of AIS in bridge lookout including case studies of AIS assisted collision, a survey of users' perspectives and finally, a simulator trial was run to test the performance of AIS assisted bridge lookout. Current attitudes and expectations toward the use of AIS were obtained from deep sea deck officers based in Taiwanese shipping companies. As the mandatory AIS implementation schedule was changed recently, an additional study was made to investigate how this influenced opinions deck officers.

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