The project has been carried out as part of the DARCEE project (Data Accessibility for River Catchment Environmental Education) funded by NERC (agreement GR352). The purpose is to promote public engagement with environmental science by making data more accessible and useable. The project team have worked with a community group (Yealm Estuary to Moor) to develop a user-friendly bespoke data package for use with QGIS. Users of the data will be able to view the data in map form and carry out simple spatial analysis as well as input their own data to QGIS to create new data. Dataset Description: The dataset includes environmental data for the River Yealm catchment and estuary that has been sourced from national open data sets. The data relates to water quality, flood risk, river obstructions, land cover including woodlands and geographical data. The dataset also includes coding so that the data can be viewed in a simplified QGIS view. Citation: Lewin, S. et al. (2024). Yealm Mapper data for QGIS. PEARL Research Repository https://doi.org/10.24382/ctmf-pd81



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School of Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences


Environmental data, Geographical Information System, Public engagement, River catchment