This document serves as supplementary information to the authors' review paper on early-stage floating offshore wind turbine (FOWT) platform designs. The review paper is the second part in a study on FOWT platform designs, following a review of FOWT platforms which currently have or have previously had a prototype, demonstration, or farm scale project at-sea. The present review covers 86 past and current early-stage platform designs, ranging from early conceptual designs to platforms which have undergone lab tests simulating extreme conditions. In this supplementary information document, more details are provided about all 86 platforms reviewed. For each device, the following is included (if available): (i) a description of the platform and its unique features, (ii) a rough timeline of development, (iii) design goals and constraints, (iv) evolution of the design, (v) lab testing information, and (vi) published dimensions. Two sections are included: one section contains the platforms that are no longer in development (i.e., there has been no new development since 2018), and the other section contains the platforms still in development today. Within each sub-section, platforms designed to hold a single turbine are presented first, then platforms designed to hold multiple turbines, and finally hybrid platforms.



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School of Engineering, Computing and Mathematics


Floating offshore wind, floating offshore wind turbine platform design, hybrid floating wind-wave platform, multi-turbine platform, review of floating wind