This project was carried out as part of Francesca Willcocks' ResM in Planetary Geology, comparing terrestrial lavas to Martian meteorites using Scanning Electron Microscopy to determine if these lavas would make for accurate geological analogue materials (geological materials from Earth that aim to replicate geological materials on the Martian surface) for Martian volcanism. Accurate geological analogue materials would then help contribute towards the preparations for spacecraft aiming to interact with the Martian surface in future space missions, and ensure components on these space craft operate efficiently with the materials they may face on the surface of Mars. Dataset Description: This dataset comprises of a Microsoft Excel workbook displaying all compositional data (bulk geochemistry and individual mineral chemistry) collected using a JEOL 7001 field-emission SEM and Oxford Instruments EDS detector for terrestrial and Martian lavas (meteorites). All compositional data is provided in wt% oxide, and geochemical plots for each data set (including triangular, quadrilateral plots and TAS diagrams) are also included. Literature data for bulk geochemistry of the Columbia River Flood Basalts and Deccan Volcanic Province are also included in this dataset, with data sources referenced therein. A PDF of large area layered X-ray element maps for each sample analysed are also provided in a P Citation: Willcocks, F. et al. (2023). FW230330_Willcocksetal_SupplementaryData . PEARL Research Repository https://doi.org/10.24382/TN0R-JN17



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School of Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences


Analogue, Geology, Lava, Mars, Space Exploration