Sebastian Tym


The project, using the working title Representations of War and Conflict in the Painting of Gustave Doré, proposes to explore one of Gustave Doré’s little-known, but extensive oeuvres in painting. That is, the artist’s representation of conflict through the modes of history painting and allegory. With an initial chapter, Doré’s successful debut as a politicised painter and pamphleteer during the Crimean War will be outlined, contextualising the focus of the two following chapters, which cover his artistic output during the Franco-Prussian War of 1870 – 71. The exploration of this largely unaccounted-for aspect of Doré’s career is to the greatest extent facilitated by a new engagement with his earliest, and only contemporary French biographer, René Delorme. Delorme’s text, part-biography, part-catalogue raisonné and part-invitation for the purchase of his art, will be incorporated as an invaluable primary source from both an art biographer, and one of the very few native commentaries on Doré.

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