Mariella Cassar


The aim of this thesis is to explore the relationship between place, identity and musical practice. The study is inspired by Malta’s history and culture. This work presents a portfolio of seven musical compositions with a written component that highlights the historical and socio-cultural issues that had a bearing on the works presented. A case study of the Maltese composer Charles Camilleri is also provided. Camilleri is both a great example of a composer for whom the articulation of national identity was a primary concern and a constant source of inspiration for the author of this thesis. The pieces presented here comprise compositions for chamber ensemble, works for orchestra and two electroacoustic pieces. These works were part of projects translated into performances and artistic installations. All of them have been carried out over the past six years and the majority have been developed through synergetic collaboration with other artists. The majority of the compositions have direct links with Maltese culture and the important events in its history. All the works presented in the portfolio are bound in separate volumes and reference is made to them in the critical commentary within the body of the thesis. A number of CDs and DVDs accompany this document with recordings and MIDI files of the selected compositions.

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