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  • 01.01.CM 

    Cox, G; Brisley, S; Balcioglu, M (AntipyrineAarhus, 2014)
    This new book presents over 100 covers of The Communist Manifesto, compiled from the Museum of Ordure's collection.
  • 10,000 years of climate control over carbon accumulation in an Iberian bog (southwestern Europe) 

    Pontevedra-Pombal, X; Castro, D; Souto, M; Fraga, I; Blake, WH; Blaauw, M; López-Sáez, JA; Pérez-Díaz, S; Valcárcel, M; García-Rodeja, E (Elsevier, 2019-07)
    © 2018 China University of Geosciences (Beijing) and Peking University The northwest region of the Iberian Peninsula is home to a unique ecosystem of bogs, which are particularly sensitive to projected climate change. In ...
  • The 100 m Composite Ship? 

    Lowde, MJ; Peters, HGA; Geraghty, R; Graham-Jones, J; Pemberton, R; Summerscales, J (MDPI, 2022-03-11)
    <jats:p>Fibre-reinforced polymer (FRP) matrix composites are widely used in large marine structures, and in wind turbines where blade lengths are now over 100 m. Composites are the material of choice for small vessels due ...
  • 11 pressing research questions on how light pollution affects biodiversity 

    Holker, F; Bolliger, J; Davies, T; Giavi, S; Jechow, A; Kalinkat, G; Longcore, T; Spoelstra, K; Tidau, S; Visser, M; Knopp, E (Frontiers Media, 2021-12-08)
  • A 15-year partnership between UK coastal scientists and the international beach lifeguard community 

    Scott, T; Masselink, G; Stokes, C; Poate, T; Wooler, A; Instance, S (2022-05-15)
    Drowning is a leading cause of unintentional fatalities around the world, yet on beaches is often preventable through public education campaigns and intervention activities from lifeguards. In 2006, the UK beach lifeguarding ...
  • 170426_dataset_EWTEC 

    Perez Collazo, C; Skanberg-Tippen, J; Greaves, D; Iglesias Rodriguez, JG (2017-04-26)
    This dataset contains the research materials suporting the paper with title "Hydrodynamic response of a jacket-frame mounted WEC sub-system of a novel hybrid wind-wave energy converter", published in the proceedings of ...
  • 180 Degrees of Trauma’ 

    Emmett, MH
    180 degrees of trauma exploits moments of violence and rupture in order to investigate notions of vandalism, trauma and the three-dimensional manifestation of extreme occupation. The work appropriates unexpected apertures ...
  • 180309_dataset_MDPI_Energies 

    Perez-Collazo, C; Greaves, D; Iglesias Rodriguez, JG (2018-03-13)
    This metadata are supplementary to the journal paper “A novel hybrid wind-wave energy converter for jacket-frame substructures” which can be found at (Publisher OA version) and ...
  • 180315_dataset_OMAE2018 

    Perez-Collazo, C; Greaves, D; Iglesias Rodriguez, JG (2018-03-15)
    Dataset for the publication Proof of concept of a novel hybrid wind-wave energy converter, at the proceedings of the OMAE 2018.
  • 180427_dataset_ECM 

    Perez-Collazo, C; Greaves, D; Iglesias Rodriguez, JG (2018-04-27)
    This metadata are supplementary to the journal paper “Hydrodynamic response of the WEC sub-system of a novel hybrid wind-wave energy converter”
  • The 1942 Laconia Order, The Murder of Shipwrecked Survivors and the Allied Pursuit of Justice 1945-46 

    Bennett, G H (University of Plymouth, 2011)
    This article examines the post-war trials of three German naval officers in connection with the Laconia order of 1942. It sets their behaviour, and the order, in the context of maritime custom and the practices of the ...
  • 1989 revolutions in east-central Europe : a comparative analysis 

    Rodda, Ruth (University of Plymouth, 2000)
    There is a substantial amount of existing literature that focuses on the revolutionary events of 1989 in East-Central Europe. Yet, there are few comparisons which apply a comparative-historical approach to a small set of ...
  • 20,000 years of societal vulnerability and adaptation to climate change in southwest Asia. 

    Jones, MD; Abu-Jaber, N; AlShdaifat, A; Baird, D; Cook, BI; Cuthbert, MO; Dean, JR; Djamali, M; Eastwood, W; Fleitmann, D; Haywood, A; Kwiecien, O; Larsen, J; Maher, LA; Metcalfe, SE; Parker, A; Petrie, CA; Primmer, N; Richter, T; Roberts, N; Roe, J; Tindall, JC; Ünal-İmer, E; Weeks, L (United States, 2019-03)
    The Fertile Crescent, its hilly flanks and surrounding drylands has been a critical region for studying how climate has influenced societal change, and this review focuses on the region over the last 20,000 years. The ...
  • The 2018 International Conference on Unmanned Aircraft Systems 

    Polvara, R; Patacchiola, M; Sharma, S; Wan, J; Manning, A; Sutton, R; Cangelosi, A (2018)
  • The 2018 Lake Louise Acute Mountain Sickness Score. 

    Roach, RC; Hackett, PH; Oelz, O; Bärtsch, P; Luks, AM; MacInnis, MJ; Baillie, JK; Lake Louise AMS Score Consensus Committee (United States, 2018-03)
    Roach, Robert C., Peter H. Hackett, Oswald Oelz, Peter Bärtsch, Andrew M. Luks, Martin J. MacInnis, J. Kenneth Baillie, and The Lake Louise AMS Score Consensus Committee. The 2018 Lake Louise Acute Mountain Sickness Score. ...
  • 2020 Medical Graduates: The work and wellbeing of interim Foundation Year 1 doctors during COVID-19 

    Burford, B; Mattick, K; Gale, T; Vance, G; Carrieri, D; Brennan, N; Goulding, A (, 2021-03-01)
  • 2D DIGE analysis of maternal plasma for potential biomarkers of Down Syndrome. 

    Heywood, WE; Madgett, TE; Wang, D; Wallington, A; Hogg, J; Mills, K; Avent, ND (England, 2011-09-19)
    BACKGROUND: Prenatal screening for Down Syndrome (DS) would benefit from an increased number of biomarkers to improve sensitivity and specificity. Improving sensitivity and specificity would decrease the need for potentially ...
  • 2D Recurrent Neural Networks for Robust Visual Tracking of Non-Rigid Bodies 

    Masala, GL; tistarelli, M; golosio, B; grosso, E (Springer, 2016-08-18)
    This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the 17th International Conference on Engineering Applications of Neural Networks, EANN 2016, held in Aberdeen, UK, in September 2016.
  • 2D recurrent neural networks: a high-performance tool for robust visual tracking in dynamic scenes 

    Masala, G; Casu, F; Golosio, B; Grosso, E (Springer (part of Springer Nature), 2018-04)
    © 2017 The Natural Computing Applications Forum This paper proposes a novel method for robust visual tracking of arbitrary objects, based on the combination of image-based prediction and position refinement by weighted ...
  • 2DV modelling of sediment transport processes over full-scale ripples in regular asymmetric oscillatory flow 

    van der Werf, JJ; Magar, V; Malarkey, J; Guizien, K; O'Donoghue, T (2008-05-15)

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