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  • O'erwhelmed by Noise: Soundhouses and Sonic Experiments in Ben Jonson's Epicene 

    Frost, BS (Johns Hopkins University Press, 2017-12-01)
  • Obesity and caries in four-to-six year old English children: a cross-sectional study. 

    Paisi, M; Kay, E; Kaimi, I; Witton, R; Nelder, R; Potterton, R; Lapthorne, D (England, 2018-02-17)
    BACKGROUND: Obesity and caries are common conditions in childhood and can have significant implications on children's wellbeing. Evidence into their association remains conflicting. Furthermore, studies examining the ...
  • Obesity and Dental Caries in Children in Plymouth 

    Paisi, Martha (University of Plymouth, 2017)
    Background: Obesity and dental caries are two of the most common conditions affecting children and both have significant implications on children’s wellbeing and future health. Even though research into the relationship ...
  • Obesity and dental caries in young children in Plymouth, United Kingdom: A Spatial Analysis 

    Paisi, M; Kay, E; Kaimi, I; Witton, R; Nelder, R; Christophi, C; Lapthorne, D (2018-03)
  • Obesity and the experience of eating in adult, American, Caucasian women: A grounded theory approach 

    Russell, Sheryl Sue (University of Plymouth, 1994)
    The search to unravel the complex phenomenon of obesity has been pursued for centuries. Theoretical postulations regarding the etiology of obesity and subsequent management strategies are numerous and complex. Despite ...
  • Obeticholic acid for the treatment of non-alcoholic steatohepatitis: interim analysis from a multicentre, randomised, placebo-controlled phase 3 trial 

    Younossi, ZM; Ratziu, V; Loomba, R; Rinella, M; Anstee, QM; Goodman, Z; Bedossa, P; Geier, A; Beckebaum, S; Newsome, PN; Sheridan, D; Sheikh, MY; Trotter, J; Knapple, W; Lawitz, E; Abdelmalek, MF; Kowdley, KV; Montano-Loza, AJ; Boursier, J; Mathurin, P; Bugianesi, E; Mazzella, G; Olveira, A; Cortez-Pinto, H; Graupera, I; Orr, D; Gluud, LL; Dufour, J-F; Shapiro, D; Campagna, J; Zaru, L; MacConell, L; Shringarpure, R; Harrison, S; Sanyal, AJ; Abdelmalek, M; Abrams, G; Aguilar, H; Ahmed, A; Aigner, E; Aithal, G; Ala, A; Alazawi, W; Albillos, A; Allison, M; Al-Shamma, S; Andrade, R; Andreone, P; Angelico, M; Ankoma-Sey, V; Anstee, Q; Anty, R; Araya, V; Arenas Ruiz, JI; Arkkila, P; Arora, M; Asselah, T; Au, J; Ayonrinde, O; Bailey, RJ; Balakrishnan, M; Bambha, K; Bansal, M; Barritt, S; Bate, J; Beato, J; Beckebaum, S; Behari, J; Bellot, P; Ben Ari, Z; Bennett, M; Berenguer, M; Beretta-Piccoli, BT; Berg, T; Bonacini, M; Bonet, L; Borg, B; Bourliere, M; Boursier, J; Bowman, W; Bradley, D; Brankovic, M; Braun, M; Bronowicki, J-P; Bruno, S; Bugianesi, E; Cai, C; Calleja Panero, JL; Carey, E; Carmiel, M; Carrión, JA; Cave, M; Chagas, C; Chami, T; Chang, A; Coates, A; Cobbold, J; Corey, K; Corless, L; Cortez-Pinto, H; Crespo, J; Cruz Pereira, O; de Ledinghen, V; deLemos, A; Diago, M; Dufour, J-F; Dugalic, P; Dunn, W; Elkhashab, M; Epstein, M; Escudero-Garcia, MD; Etzion, O; Evans, L; Falcone, R; Fernandez, C; Ferreira, J; Fink, S; Finnegan, K; Firpi-Morell, R; Floreani, A; Fontanges, T; Ford, R; Forrest, E; Fowell, A; Fracanzani, AL; Francque, S; Freilich, B; Frias, J; Fuchs, M; Fuentes, J; Galambos, M; Gallegos, J; Geerts, A; Geier, A; George, J; Ghali, M; Ghalib, R; Gholam, P; Gines, P; Gitlin, N; Gluud, LL; Goeser, T; Goff, J; Gordon, S; Gordon, F; Goria, O; Greer, S; Grigorian, A; Gronbaek, H; Guillaume, M; Gunaratnam, N; Halegoua-De Marzio, D; Hameed, B; Hametner, S; Hamilton, J; Harrison, S; Hartleb, M; Hassanein, T; Häussinger, D; Hellstern, P; Herring, R; Heurich, E; Hezode, C; Hinrichsen, H; Holland Fischer, P; Horsmans, Y; Huang, J; Jakiche, A; Jeffers, L; Jones, B; Jorge, R; Jorquera, F; Kahraman, A; Kaita, K; Karyotakis, N; Kayali, Z; Kechagias, S; Kepczyk, T; Khalili, M; Khallafi, H; Kluwe, J; Knapple, W; Kohli, A; Korenblat, K; Kowdley, K; Krag, A; Krause, R; Kremer, A; Krok, K; Krstic, M; Kugelmas, M; Kumar, S; Labarriere, D; Lai, M; Lampertico, P; Lawitz, E; Lee, A; Leroy, V; Lidofsky, S; Lim, TH; Lim, J; Lipkis, D; Little, E; Lonardo, A; Long, M; Loomba, R; Lurie, Y; Macedo, G; Makara, M; Maliakkal, B; Manns, M; Manousou, P; Mantry, P; Marchesini, G; Marinho, C; Marotta, P; Marschall, H-U; Mathurin, P; Mayo, M; Mazzella, G; McCullen, M; McLaughlin, W; Merriman, R; Modi, A; Molina, E; Montano-Loza, A; Monteverde, C; Moreea, S; Moreno, C; Morisco, F; Mubarak, A; Muellhaupt, B; Mukherjee, S; Müller, T; Nagorni, A; Naik, J; Neff, G; Nevah, M; Newsome, P; Nguyen-Khac, E; Noureddin, M; Oben, J; Olveira, A; Orlent, H; Orr, D; Orr, J; Ortiz-Lasanta, G; Ozenne, V; Pandya, P; Paredes, A; Park, J; Patel, J; Patel, K; Uta, M; Patton, H; Peck-Radosavljevic, M; Petta, S; Pianko, S; Piekarska, A; Pimstone, N; Pockros, P; Pol, S; Porayko, M; Poulos, J; Pound, D; Pouzar, J; Presa Ramos, J; Pyrsopoulos, N; Rafiq, N; Muller, K; Ramji, A; Ratziu, V; Ravinuthala, R; Reddy, C; Reddy K G, G; Reddy K R, KR; Regenstein, F; Reindollar, R; Riera, A; Rinella, M; Rivera Acosta, J; Robaeys, G; Roberts, S; Rodriguez-Perez, F; Romero-Gomez, M; Rubin, R; Rumi, M; Rushbrook, S; Rust, C; Ryan, M; Safadi, R; Said, A; Salminen, K; Samuel, D; Santoro, J; Sanyal, A; Sarkar, S; Schaeffer, C; Schattenberg, J; Schiefke, I; Schiff, E; Schmidt, W; Schneider, J; Schouten, J; Schultz, M; Sebastiani, G; Semela, D; Sepe, T; Sheikh, A; Sheikh, M; Sheridan, D; Sherman, K; Shibolet, O; Shiffman, M; Siddique, A; Sieberhagen, C; Sigal, S; Sikorska, K; Simon, K; Sinclair, M; Skoien, R; Solis, J; Sood, S; Souder, B; Spivey, J; Stal, P; Stinton, L; Strasser, S; Svorcan, P; Szabo, G; Talal, A; Tam, E; Tetri, B; Thuluvath, P; Tobias, H; Tomasiewicz, K; Torres, D; Trauner, M; Trautwein, C; Trotter, J; Tsochatzis, E; Unitt, E; Vargas, V; Varkonyi, I; Veitsman, E; Vespasiani Gentilucci, U; Victor, D; Vierling, J; Vincent, C; Vincze, A; von der Ohe, M; Von Roenn, N; Vuppalanchi, R; Waters, M; Watt, K; Weltman, M; Wieland, A; Wiener, G; Williams A, A; Williams J, J; Wilson, J; Yataco, M; Yoshida, E; Younes, Z; Yuan, L; Zivony, A; Zogg, D; Zoller, H; Zoulim, F; Zuckerman, E; Zuin, M (Elsevier BV, 2019-12)

    MASHHADANI, SHAHLAA TALIB (University of Plymouth, 2019)
    With the enormous increase in the use and volume of photographs and videos, multimedia-based digital evidence now plays an increasingly fundamental role in criminal investigations. However, with the increase, it is becoming ...
  • Objective assessment of the effect of pupil size upon the power distribution of multifocal contact lenses. 

    Papadatou, E; Del Águila-Carrasco, AJ; Esteve-Taboada, JJ; Madrid-Costa, D; Cerviño-Expósito, A (China, 2017)
    AIM: To analytically assess the effect of pupil size upon the refractive power distributions of different designs of multifocal contact lenses. METHODS: Two multifocal contact lenses of center-near design and one multifocal ...
  • Objectively measured physical activity and its association with adiponectin and other novel metabolic markers: a longitudinal study in children (EarlyBird 38). 

    Metcalf, BS; Jeffery, AN; Hosking, J; Voss, LD; Sattar, N; Wilkin, TJ (United States, 2009-03)
    OBJECTIVE: Recent evidence suggests that, in children, traditional markers of metabolic disturbance are related only weakly to physical activity. We therefore sought to establish the corresponding relationships with newer ...
  • Objectively measured physical activity and sedentary behaviour profiles of people moderately affected by Multiple Sclerosis 

    Coulter, EH; Freeman, J; Miller, L; Weller, B; Mcconnachie, A; Mattiosn, PG; Wu, O; Paul, L (2016-09)
  • Observation and analysis of movement 

    Bunn, LM; Wallace, A; Cassidy, E (2018-11-12)

    SCHOELKOPF, JOACHIM (University of Plymouth, 2002)
    In paper printing, one of the most important aspects for consideration is the control of ink setting rate. Ink setting, depending on ink and press type, is a function of evaporation, curing and removal of the liquid phase ...
  • Observational study of lenalidomide in patients with mantle cell lymphoma who relapsed/progressed after or were refractory/intolerant to ibrutinib (MCL-004). 

    Wang, M; Schuster, SJ; Phillips, T; Lossos, IS; Goy, A; Rule, S; Hamadani, M; Ghosh, N; Reeder, CB; Barnett, E; Bravo, M-LC; Martin, P (England, 2017-11-02)
    BACKGROUND: The observational MCL-004 study evaluated outcomes in patients with relapsed/refractory mantle cell lymphoma who received lenalidomide-based therapy after ibrutinib failure or intolerance. METHODS: The primary ...
  • Observational study unveils the extensive presence of Hazardous elements in beached plastics from Lake Geneva 

    Filella, M; Turner, A (2018-02-02)
    © 2018 Filella and Turner. Over 3,000 samples of plastic litter have been retrieved from 12 pebble beaches around the shores of Lake Geneva. The plastic stock consisted of identifiable objects of various size and color, ...
  • Observations and possible function of the striking anterior coloration pattern of Galathea intermedia (Crustacea: Decapoda: Anomura) 

    Hall-Spencer, JM; Moore, PG; Sneddon, LU (1999-04-01)
    Galathea intermedia is common, but cryptic, on Clyde maerl deposits where it lives in small groups of mixed sex and age, sharing shelters (typically dead Dosinia shells) to avoid predation. Its appearance is marked by six ...
  • Observations of bedforms on a dissipative macrotidal beach 

    Miles, J; Thorpe, A; Russell, P; Masselink, G (2014-01-11)

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