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  • Geographical limits to species-range shifts are suggested by climate velocity. 

    Burrows, MT; Schoeman, DS; Richardson, AJ; Molinos, JG; Hoffmann, A; Buckley, LB; Moore, PJ; Brown, CJ; Bruno, JF; Duarte, CM; Halpern, BS; Hoegh-Guldberg, O; Kappel, CV; Kiessling, W; O'Connor, MI; Pandolfi, JM; Parmesan, C; Sydeman, WJ; Ferrier, S; Williams, KJ; Poloczanska, ES (England, 2014-03-27)
    The reorganization of patterns of species diversity driven by anthropogenic climate change, and the consequences for humans, are not yet fully understood or appreciated. Nevertheless, changes in climate conditions are ...
  • Geographies of citizenship in higher education: An introduction 

    Cheng, Y; Holton, M (2018-12-11)
    The information, practices and views in this article are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of the Royal Geographical Society (with IBG). © 2018 Royal Geographical Society (with the Institute ...
  • The geographies of policing 

    Yarwood, R (2007-01-01)
  • The geographies of UK university halls of residence: examining students' embodiment of social capital 

    Holton, MJW (2016-01-01)
    Recent investigations into ‘student geographies’ have recognised the complex ways in which students from different backgrounds go about ‘fitting in’ among their peers within universitymanaged accommodation. Halls have ...
  • Geography and Post-phenomenology 

    Ash, J; Simpson, P (2016)
  • Geography of crime 

    Yarwood, RB (Oxford University PressOxford, 2015-11-02)
  • Geoheritage, a National Inventory in France 

    de Wever, P; Page, KN; Alterio, I; Egoroff, G; Cornee, A; Bobrowsky, P; Collin, G; Duranthon, F; Hill, W; Lalanne, A (2015-08-19)
  • Geometric and Extra-Geometric Spatial Conceptualisation: A cross-linguistic and non-verbal perspective 

    Crum-Lindqvist, Anne (University of Plymouth, 2008)
    Almost all past empirical work exploring the Functional Geometric Framework (FGF) proposed by Coventry and Garrod (2004) for spatial language use has been based on a single language - English. Therefore the extent to which ...

    SHARP, JENNIFER M. (University of Plymouth, 1997)
    The purpose of this thesis is to present a different approach to the formulation of differential equation mathematical models for interacting populations. It does this through considering a geometric method. The solution ...
  • Geometric parameters for a 2D-Numerical Wave Tank 

    Musiedlak, P-H; Greaves, D; Ransley, E; Iglesias, G; Hann, M; Child, B (2016-06-12)
  • The Geometrical Thought of Isaac Newton: An Examination of the Meaning of Geometry between the 16th and 18th Centuries 

    Bloye, Nicole Victoria (Plymouth University, 2015)
    Our thesis explores aspects of the geometrical work and thought of Isaac Newton in order to better understand and re-evaluate his approach to geometry, and specifically his synthetic methods and the organic description ...
  • Geomorphic and geological constraints on the active normal faulting of the Gediz (Alaşehir) Graben, Western Turkey. 

    Kent, E; Boulton, SJ; Stewart, I; Whittaker, AC; Alcicek, MC (2016-07-01)
    The Gediz (Alaşehir) Graben is located in the highly tectonically active region of Western Turkey. Extension due to regional geodynamic controls has resulted in a broadly two-phase evolution of the graben; firstly, low-angle ...

    HAMED, WALEED, HANOSH (Plymouth University, 2015)
    This research project provides a geomorphological and geological analysis of ephemeral and relict river valley systems in the north part of the Iraqi Western Desert. The area surveyed covers approximately 30 000 km2 and ...
  • Geomorphology on geologic timescales: Evolution of the late Cenozoic Pacific paleosurface in Northern Chile and Southern Peru 

    Evenstar, LA; Mather, AE; Hartley, AJ; Stuart, FM; Sparks, RSJ; Cooper, FJ (2017-08)
  • Geoscience in a rapidly changing world: what could go wrong? 

    Zondervan, JR (Geologists' Association Student Symposium, Burlington House, Piccadilly, London, 2018-05)
    The application of geoscience to global development is starting to become more recognised. In particular, the role of geoscience in delivering the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals is discussed by some workers (e.g. Gill ...
  • The GEOTRACES Intermediate Data Product 2017 

    Schlitzer, R; Anderson, RF; Dodas, EM; Lohan, M; Geibert, W; Tagliabue, A; Bowie, A; Jeandel, C; Maldonado, MT; Landing, WM; Cockwell, D; Abadie, C; Abouchami, W; Achterberg, EP; Agather, A; Aguliar-Islas, A; van Aken, HM; Andersen, M; Archer, C; Auro, M; de Baar, HJ; Baars, O; Baker, AR; Bakker, K; Basak, C; Baskaran, M; Bates, NR; Bauch, D; van Beek, P; Behrens, MK; Black, E; Bluhm, K; Bopp, L; Bouman, H; Bowman, K; Bown, J; Boyd, P; Boye, M; Boyle, EA; Branellec, P; Bridgestock, L; Brissebrat, G; Browning, T; Bruland, KW; Brumsack, H-J; Brzezinski, M; Buck, CS; Buck, KN; Buesseler, K; Bull, A; Butler, E; Cai, P; Mor, PC; Cardinal, D; Carlson, C; Carrasco, G; Casacuberta, N; Casciotti, KL; Castrillejo, M; Chamizo, E; Chance, R; Charette, MA; Chaves, JE; Cheng, H; Chever, F; Christl, M; Church, TM; Closset, I; Colman, A; Conway, TM; Cossa, D; Croot, P; Cullen, JT; Cutter, GA; Daniels, C; Dehairs, F; Deng, F; Dieu, HT; Duggan, B; Dulaquais, G; Dumousseaud, C; Echegoyen-Sanz, Y; Edwards, RL; Ellwood, M; Fahrbach, E; Fitzsimmons, JN; Russell Flegal, A; Fleisher, MQ; van de Flierdt, T; Frank, M; Friedrich, J; Fripiat, F; Fröllje, H; Galer, SJG; Gamo, T; Ganeshram, RS; Garcia-Orellana, J; Garcia-Solsona, E; Gault-Ringold, M; George, E; Gerringa, LJA; Gilbert, M; Godoy, JM; Goldstein, SL; Gonzalez, SR; Grissom, K; Hammerschmidt, C; Hartman, A; Hassler, CS; Hathorne, EC; Hatta, M; Hawco, N; Hayes, CT; Heimbürger, L-E; Helgoe, J; Heller, M; Henderson, GM; Henderson, PB; van Heuven, S; Ho, P; Horner, TJ; Hsieh, Y-T; Huang, K-F; Humphreys, MP; Isshiki, K; Jacquot, JE; Janssen, DJ; Jenkins, WJ; John, S; Jones, EM; Jones, JL; Kadko, DC; Kayser, R; Kenna, TC; Khondoker, R; Kim, T; Kipp, L; Klar, JK; Klunder, M; Kretschmer, S; Kumamoto, Y; Laan, P; Labatut, M; Lacan, F; Lam, PJ; Lambelet, M; Lamborg, CH; Le Moigne, FAC; Le Roy, E; Lechtenfeld, OJ; Lee, J-M; Lherminier, P; Little, S; López-Lora, M; Lu, Y; Masque, P; Mawji, E; Mcclain, CR; Measures, C; Mehic, S; Barraqueta, J-LM; van der Merwe, P; Middag, R; Mieruch, S; Milne, A; Minami, T; Moffett, JW; Moncoiffe, G; Moore, WS; Morris, PJ; Morton, PL; Nakaguchi, Y; Nakayama, N; Niedermiller, J; Nishioka, J; Nishiuchi, A; Noble, A; Obata, H; Ober, S; Ohnemus, DC; van Ooijen, J; O'Sullivan, J; Owens, S; Pahnke, K; Paul, M; Pavia, F; Pena, LD; Peters, B; Planchon, F; Planquette, H; Pradoux, C; Puigcorbé, V; Quay, P; Queroue, F; Radic, A; Rauschenberg, S; Rehkämper, M; Rember, R; Remenyi, T; Resing, JA; Rickli, J; Rigaud, S; Rijkenberg, MJA; Rintoul, S; Robinson, LF; Roca-Martí, M; Rodellas, V; Roeske, T; Rolison, JM; Rosenberg, M; Roshan, S; Rutgers van der Loeff, MM; Ryabenko, E; Saito, MA; Salt, LA; Sanial, V; Sarthou, G; Schallenberg, C; Schauer, U; Scher, H; Schlosser, C; Schnetger, B; Scott, P; Sedwick, PN; Semiletov, I; Shelley, R; Sherrell, RM; Shiller, AM; Sigman, DM; Singh, SK; Slagter, HA; Slater, E; Smethie, WM; Snaith, H; Sohrin, Y; Sohst, B; Sonke, JE; Speich, S; Steinfeldt, R; Stewart, G; Stichel, T; Stirling, CH; Stutsman, J; Swarr, GJ; Swift, JH; Thomas, A; Thorne, K; Till, CP; Till, R; Townsend, AT; Townsend, E; Tuerena, R; Twining, BS; Vance, D; Velazquez, S; Venchiarutti, C; Villa-Alfageme, M; Vivancos, SM; Voelker, AHL; Wake, B; Warner, MJ; Watson, R; van Weerlee, E; Alexandra Weigand, M; Weinstein, Y; Weiss, D; Wisotzki, A; Woodward, EMS; Wu, J; Wu, Y; Wuttig, K; Wyatt, N; Xiang, Y; Xie, RC; Xue, Z; Yoshikawa, H; Zhang, J; Zhang, P; Zhao, Y; Zheng, L; Zheng, X-Y; Zieringer, M; Zimmer, LA; Ziveri, P; Zunino, P; Zurbrick, C (Elsevier, 2018-08-20)
  • German childhood services emphasise social pedagogy 

    Hohmann, U; Campbell-Barr, V (2017-07-02)

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