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  • Hyperdominance in Amazonian forest carbon cycling 

    Fauset, S; Johnson, MO; Gloor, M; Baker, TR; Monteagudo M., A; Brienen, RJW; Feldpausch, TR; Lopez-Gonzalez, G; Malhi, Y; ter Steege, H; Pitman, NCA; Baraloto, C; Engel, J; Pétronelli, P; Andrade, A; Camargo, JLC; Laurance, SGW; Laurance, WF; Chave, J; Allie, E; Vargas, PN; Terborgh, JW; Ruokolainen, K; Silveira, M; Aymard C., GA; Arroyo, L; Bonal, D; Ramirez-Angulo, H; Araujo-Murakami, A; Neill, D; Hérault, B; Dourdain, A; Torres-Lezama, A; Marimon, BS; Salomão, RP; Comiskey, JA; Réjou-Méchain, M; Toledo, M; Licona, JC; Alarcón, A; Prieto, A; Rudas, A; van der Meer, PJ; Killeen, TJ; Marimon Junior, B-H; Poorter, L; Boot, RGA; Stergios, B; Torre, EV; Costa, FRC; Levis, C; Schietti, J; Souza, P; Groot, N; Arets, E; Moscoso, VC; Castro, W; Coronado, ENH; Peña-Claros, M; Stahl, C; Barroso, J; Talbot, J; Vieira, ICG; van der Heijden, G; Thomas, R; Vos, VA; Almeida, EC; Davila, EÁ; Aragão, LEOC; Erwin, TL; Morandi, PS; de Oliveira, EA; Valadão, MBX; Zagt, RJ; van der Hout, P; Loayza, PA; Pipoly, JJ; Wang, O; Alexiades, M; Cerón, CE; Huamantupa-Chuquimaco, I; Di Fiore, A; Peacock, J; Camacho, NCP; Umetsu, RK; de Camargo, PB; Burnham, RJ; Herrera, R; Quesada, CA; Stropp, J; Vieira, SA; Steininger, M; Rodríguez, CR; Restrepo, Z; Muelbert, AE; Lewis, SL; Pickavance, GC; Phillips, OL (Springer Science and Business Media LLC, 2015-11-03)
    <jats:title>Abstract</jats:title> <jats:p>While Amazonian forests are extraordinarily diverse, the abundance of trees is skewed strongly towards relatively few ‘hyperdominant’ species. In addition to their diversity, ...
  • Variation in stem mortality rates determines patterns of above-ground biomass in Amazonian forests: implications for dynamic global vegetation models. 

    Johnson, MO; Galbraith, D; Gloor, M; De Deurwaerder, H; Guimberteau, M; Rammig, A; Thonicke, K; Verbeeck, H; von Randow, C; Monteagudo, A; Phillips, OL; Brienen, RJW; Feldpausch, TR; Lopez Gonzalez, G; Fauset, S; Quesada, CA; Christoffersen, B; Ciais, P; Sampaio, G; Kruijt, B; Meir, P; Moorcroft, P; Zhang, K; Alvarez-Davila, E; Alves de Oliveira, A; Amaral, I; Andrade, A; Aragao, LEOC; Araujo-Murakami, A; Arets, EJMM; Arroyo, L; Aymard, GA; Baraloto, C; Barroso, J; Bonal, D; Boot, R; Camargo, J; Chave, J; Cogollo, A; Cornejo Valverde, F; Lola da Costa, AC; Di Fiore, A; Ferreira, L; Higuchi, N; Honorio, EN; Killeen, TJ; Laurance, SG; Laurance, WF; Licona, J; Lovejoy, T; Malhi, Y; Marimon, B; Marimon, BH; Matos, DCL; Mendoza, C; Neill, DA; Pardo, G; Peña-Claros, M; Pitman, NCA; Poorter, L; Prieto, A; Ramirez-Angulo, H; Roopsind, A; Rudas, A; Salomao, RP; Silveira, M; Stropp, J; Ter Steege, H; Terborgh, J; Thomas, R; Toledo, M; Torres-Lezama, A; van der Heijden, GMF; Vasquez, R; Guimarães Vieira, IC; Vilanova, E; Vos, VA; Baker, TR (England, 2016-12)
    Understanding the processes that determine above-ground biomass (AGB) in Amazonian forests is important for predicting the sensitivity of these ecosystems to environmental change and for designing and evaluating dynamic ...

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