The primary aim of this project was to develop a small number of prototype objects to be used by visitors to the National Trust property Castle Drogo so to enhance the visiting experience.The early development happened before the Castle engaged in major building renovations and was then put on hold for a considerable time while renovation funding was confirmed and renovations started.The project has had to be re-developed with the new emphasise of enhancing the visiting experience whilst the building renovations are happening. It is estimated that the building work will take at least 5 years to complete.The aim was for the objects to engage the visitors senses so to have a full embodied encounter with the materials of the site. This is of particular relevance as materials are deconstructed and exposed during the period of the large-scale renovation. The objects were designed to provoke, enable and encourage a coherent sequence of sensations.Key Focuses were:Julius Drewe – Lord of the manorDartmoor & Granite – Location and materialsEdwin Lutyens – ArchitectThat that never was/lost – The castle that was never built & loss of dreamsEntertainment – Fishing, shooting and gamesMedium: mixed materials - concrete, velvet, ply, granite, paper & metal.

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