Mathew Emmett & Eberhard Kranemann live performance at Lichtturm Solingen, Germany. Commissioned by Dinnebier Licht, March 2016. Video sound art performance, inspired by the alchemist Hennig Brand’s discovery of phosphorus (cold fire) in 1669.Dr Mathew Emmett and Eberhard Kranemann set upon promoting a dialogue between art, sound, theory and science to question the future identity of creativity within the wider framework offered by technological and theoretical innovation. Consequently, they explore the generation of an active space composed by forces of interactions between electronic sound, digital design, video and new media technologies in accordance to the creation of new, extended realities. Emmett & Kranemann explore the dimensions of immersion and the mediation of force as a three-dimensional environment to better express Emmett’s spatial theories.Lichtturm Solingen presents an opportunity to delve into the role of Emmett & Kranemann’s practice-led research where a newly constructed film with live music and performance will accompany Emmett’s talk “Pulsating Hennig Brand’s Condensate”.

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School of Art, Design and Architecture


immersive, new media technology, Soundscape