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Single screen moving image artwork (silent). Views of a landscape engraved directly into the emulsion of 16mm film leader using the blade of a surgical scalpel. The length of each filmstrip is determined by the distance between points on the artist’s body, such as from fingertip to fingertip between outstretched arms, and bisecting the body along a posterior/anterior axis. During our experience of these moving images, the length of a strip of film becomes a measurement of time as the static marks incised into the black 16mm frames are perceived to be lines of light in motion.I engraved black leader using a surgical scalpel, from the head (the beginning) of each strip to the tail (the end), scratching the emulsion in a gestural response to the world seen outside through the glass pane of the window - leaves blown by a gust of wind, birds in flight, a sycamore tree, shifting cloud shapes. I worked frame-by-frame with the film the ‘right way up,' but at times I disregarded the frame boundaries and cut into the emulsion layer lengthways to create the visual effect of opening and closure. In the areas inscribed, the black emulsion has been removed to leave the clear cellulose acetate base, allowing light to pass through the film and an image to be seen.16mm black and white film leader (silent), as HD video; 1 minute, or loop.

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School of Art, Design and Architecture


16mm, direct animation, drawing on film, landscape, practice research